The Influential Aspects Of Iconic Movies In Our Society: The Terminator

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The media plays a very important role in the communication and passing of information to its viewers, readers, and listeners. One of these forms of communication relayed by the media is provided by the film industries where most films are produced to communicate to those who watch them. The messages these films offer can either be positive or negative; therefore may result in people acquiring certain trends or even stopping the performance of particular activities commonly described in these films. The influential nature of the movie Terminator, in the various aspects of the society and popular culture will subsequently be identified, discussed and analyzed in the paper.
Terminator, which has been considered to be of high influence in society, is a science fictional film which was a great success and became quite popular between 1984 and 1986. A clear indication of this fact is that Terminator is listed under the top one hundred iconic movies of all times. Terminator also played a vital function in the influence of the popular culture and society in general with regards to provision of lessons concerning morals as well as admirable characters that individuals should attain in the society. In summary, the film can be used to shape the attitudes of individuals as well as society.
The Terminator can be categorized as a science fiction, horror as well as an action filled thriller movie. The movie was produced in 1984 during which it gained immense success. The opening scene reflects that of the future in Los Angeles where a great deal of technology which includes presence and ruling of the world by Al machines. This plus the timing of the movie is a huge technological influence to society and popular culture. An incredible shift of the film from the future to the present, that is Los Angeles in 1984, displays the possibility of the war that has persisted for long, being completed at any moment regardless of the weapons available.
The artificially intelligent nature of the model 101 robot with an outer body (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton 1) resembling humans is a good influence especially to the young people. Intelligence can be made practical as is the case in the movie where the cyborg is picked and sent on its mission from the future to make an impact in the present so as to exterminate the human race remaining on earth. This is in the effort to save themselves from the unborn human being John who was supposed to be the leader of a resistant movement to fight Skynet and the other army of machines in despite of its deficiency in moral conscious and its mission to kill.
Another example is the timing of the movie where the Terminator, Kyle and the leader are chosen from a future time and placed in the present portrays an advanced form of technology. The impact of this message would be of great help to the younger generation and especially those interested in technology. This as illustrated by Lam, through the innovations...

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