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The Content And Presentation Of Teenage Magazines

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The Content and Presentation of Teenage Magazines

Analyse and comment on the content and presentation, and the
advertising of the Summer 2004 issue of Elle Girl magazine. Examine
the relationship between features and the advertising in the magazine
and consider in particular how this magazine tries to persuade young
women to buy fashion and beauty products.

Elle Girl is a magazine aimed at young teenage girls. It contains
fashion tips, general life advice and articles about celebrities.
There are 130 pages inside the magazine, filled from top to bottom
with pictures or text. There are adverts on at least 75 of these
pages. This shows that there is at least one advert on every other
page and many in between.

As you look at the front cover, your eyes automatically meet the
person featured. This happens to be Kate Bosworth, who after recently
starring in several hit films will be popular with any movie fanatic.
The text next to her reads: Kate Bosworth, just how did she bag
Orlando Bloom. Clearly trying to imply to young readers that if they
follow in the footsteps of this young woman they will be able to get
themselves someone such as Orlando Bloom. The cover is bright and
bold. The text is in pink and green on a white background, so it grabs
attention quickly. It has a summery feel to it but also appears to be
to quite a young taste. It has been well arranged to look nicely busy
with articles. The reader is tempted to continue.

“Dare to be different.” This is a small comment on the front cover in
the very important position of below the magazine name. This is a
clever marketing scheme and has been placed there very wisely. Young
teenage girls, unintentionally open to influence will read this
magazine and believe they know how to be different, when in fact this
whole magazine is purposely created to contradict this phrase and
subtly tell them what to buy, what to wear and how to act. Every
article in the magazine whether openly or subliminally is attempting
to groom young females into being a certain way, buying a certain
perfume or a particular brand of clothing and believing that they like
it. All over the UK readers will be feeling secure and “in the right”
about copying fashion ideas, celebrity styles and generally lacking in
individuality. This magazine is basically just a list of fashion ideas
and advertisements, and they would not be included if the editor even
slightly believed that they would be ignored by the mainstream
readers. This means that teens everywhere will be noticing and copying
these ideas but not yet noticing the almost invisible film of
insecurity and on the whole believing that they are “different.” I
think that it is unfair to advertise so subtly to the teenagers at the
most influential years of their lives. At this stage they are learning

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