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The Ingraham Administration Is Best For The Bahamas

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The popular song goes, “Simply the best better than all the rest”; comparing both candidates critically and consistently, under which political administration in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, were Bahamians more empowered, Is it under the Christie administration or the Ingraham administration?
You often here those famous projected words of the the Bahamian people, “I voting for PLP”, or “I voting for FNM, others might may opt not to vote, stating neither has done a good job; both political parties have been ridiculed and scrutinized under a microscope.
Although the Christie administration implemented good ideas for a better Bahamas, their promises were never fulfilled to the extent of the Ingraham administration. In this essay; I will discuss that the Ingraham Administration contributions to Bahamian society have in fact empowered the Bahamian people successfully. They were more consistent than the Christie administration and perhaps more productive; pledging an allegiance to the Bahamian people, ensuring that these benefits accrue to the young, the aged, and the infirm.

Education is one of the most powerful tools and is a prime developing trait that any individual can attain. Under the Ingraham administration, Bahamians were advance through tertiary and secondary education. In regards to tertiary education, the Guarantee Educational loan was established in the year 2000 (reference).
Many Bahamians have profited from the educational loan that the Ingraham administration implemented, some even call it a social savor; for it has opened the doors for many, with no class or status conditions. The ingraham administration made it possible for the average Bahamian to study abroad in England, Canada, and the United States; producing attorneys, nurses, doctors, and engineers.
Many of the present professionals in the Bahamas today, now have post-secondary education because of the educational loan, in addition the Ingraham administration also impose a very low interest, four per centum per annum on the disbursed balance), while the government pays the other half, to ensure that the guarantees could make affordable payments while attending school.
According to the (reference), when the Christie Administration came into power in 2002, the interest was increased to the entire 8.apr in 2003 and the following year to 12 per cent; many individual had to withdraw from school, others got the loan taken away from them.
The words of WDC 1896 Miss Maria V. Daxon, a police officer and now a successful attorney, “The PLP, withheld future disbursements to myself because I couldn’t afford the new and increased interest payment. Miss Daxon had to put her education of on hold for two years.
However, when the Ingraham administration came back into power in 2007, the interest on the educational loan with restored to its original rate, which made attending college again more affordable and accessible to the Bahamian people.
The Ingraham...

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