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The Ingredients For Success Essay

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In 2008 Malcolm Gladwell published his well acclaimed novel Outliers, which told in his view of “the story of success.” Being a best selling author and speaker, Malcolm Gladwell wrote Outliers in attempt to teach his audience, especially those who are about to start careers, that success is attainable though many factors and that one cannot be successful without the help of others. He theorizes that there are factors in and out of one’s control that would lead to their success, such as the 10,000 rule, luck, hard work, intelligence and where one came from. Gladwell uses stories of various people who have successful lives and provides numerous examples of factors that contribute to one’s success to effectively defend his opinion that success cannot be achieved by oneself alone.
After conveying his thesis that there are many factors that contribute to success, Gladwell talks about actual occurrences of people who have become successful due to numerous factors other than by themselves alone. The author successfully defends his thesis by using many logical appeals. He says, “ And what’s more, the people at the very top don’t work just harder or even much harder than everyone else, they work much , much harder”(39). Gladwell explains this concept of people working hard as a factor that contributes to becoming successful. Likewise the 10,000 rule can be paired with hard work as the author presents to the reader many statistics of hockey player birth dates and a list of the wealthiest most successful people in history telling of how birthdates affect the amount of experience you can gain over others by being born soon after the end registration date. He talks about Bill Gates practicing computer programing which allowed him to gain over 10,000 hours of experience causing him to be successful. All of the successful people discussed within the novel have similar reasons why they have become successful and the reader can relate to these people because of the way Gladwell presents his logical appeals. Although Gladwell provides multiple detailed stories of people who have become successful from these factors, there are some flaws in his novel. Because of the lack of proof needed for a scientific work, Gladwell’s argument is weakened. Some readers argue that Gladwell could have withheld information that contradicted his argument, when he discussed the lives of successful people in Outliers, as well as providing statistics that could be false.
Gladwell continues to effectively defend his view on how to be successful through his...

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