The Ingredients Of A Fantastic Piece Of Literature

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Jane Austen: one of the most famous authors of British literature. Her numerous literary devices and complex novels made dozens of critics consider her as one of the most important authors of her era. Additionally, I also support his claim thoroughly. "A master of her craft on her time period", Austen helped to define her era with her novel Persuasion. An ever-changing plot, dozens of complex characters and indirect characterization make this novel a great representation of the literature of the period of time. The ingredients needed for the recipe of a great novel are present in Persuasion.
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As a great author of her time period, Austen knew other methods of making a novel a great piece of literature. Even if the indirect characterization failed, she had another method of getting the attention of the readers. This other method was her plot complexity. Although Persuasion has a relatively linear plot without any big events as a death, comeback or catastrophe, the book is filled of small events that keep the story interesting. The characters change of scene constantly and the setting is also changed as the chapters advance. Each character has at least one event involving them, either the moving out of the Elliot family, the arrival of the Captains, the fall of Louisa or the numerous social events throughout the novel. The characters have their lives filled of changes and events that attract the reader to the story. As each party is present in the movie, we, the readers, get the chance of getting to know he characters just as if we were present in the party as well. We get to know not only the characters' version in their houses and behaving with their family but also their behavior in social events and parties. This way, the plot complexity complements perfectly with her characterization.
Lastly, the amount of characters and their complexity add to the perfect recipe. For example, during Chapter 15, we see Anne in Camden at the beginning. Later, Mrs. Clay enters the scene as well. Afterwards, Sir Walter, Elizabeth, Mr. Elliot and Mary are mentioned in the chapter. This proves how each character is kind of important and plays a role in the story (Austen). This chapter is only an example; in every social event during the book we get to know the characters more and more thoroughly. During Chapter 21 solely, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Elliot, Captain Wentworth, Anne, Sir Walter, Elizabeth, Mrs. Clay and Lady Russell are mentioned. Each one of them grows personally within the chapter as their actions, reactions, ideas, words and more are contributed to them as the novel progresses. So Austen not only has numerous characters, but she develops each one of them in a unique way that only she is capable of. Fulfilling dozens of characteristics of a piece of art in literature, it was expected that a movie would be created.

When a piece of art is created in literature, it is very common to receive multiple offers of a movie to complement it: Persuasion was not the exception. Although the movie and the book are based on the same story and share almost every detail, the characteristic attributes of each genre contribute to the different portrayal of the story. As the book does a better job in the plot development and the description of the thoughts and narration, the movie has a better way of describing scenes, characters and individual events. Besides, in the sense of entertainment, I believe the movie is superior. Furthermore, the book has also special characteristics that the movie lacks.
The pure nature of literature has two big advantages over...

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