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The Inner Desires This Is An Essay About About Emotions And Sensations Associated With Drama.

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The inner desiresE-motion is preparing and anticipation action and feelings are the internal expressions of the emotion and can be differentiated from body sensations'1.A body is the integral physical material of an individual. When a body is in motion, it does not coincide with itself. It coincides with its own transition: its own variation In motion, a body is in an immediate, unfolding its relation to the mind. This explains the 'Explicit body in Performance'.1 The mind as a stage in conjunction with the body is demonstrated as uses the stage to put aspects of the objectified body image in quotes, the 'Implicit body as Performance' I have no idea the precise time when consciousness happens, I am not a psychologist, nor a neuroscience etc. What I am is a person who lives in a body and has a mind. And know the mind to enable the integration and distribution of essential information. This is apparently also a major function of consciousness in the brain. Antonio Damasio (1999) in 'The Feeling of What Happens' makes a distinction between feelings and emotion. And also 'the mind as stage'In ancient Greece, art was something that was integral to the culture of the people. Emotion was interpreted as a dimension in which art is experienced. Art was something that was deeper than part of the surface culture: it was part of their spirituality experience. The Greeks developed the connection between art and celebration. Art derived its development from the duality of Apollo and Dionysus. Apollo was a Greek god and, later, a Roman god, the son of mighty Zeus and the Titan Leto. Dionysus is the god of wine, the inspirer of ritual madness and ecstasy, and a major figure of Greek mythology. Apollo in ancient Greek culture represented the art of sculpture and the non- visual, whilst Dionysus represented the art of music and ecstasy: an art world of dream and ecstasy. Greeks cravings for beauty, festivals, entertainment and so forth can all be seem as an indication of their deeper understanding of emotions. Antonio Damasio (1999) makes a distinction between feelings and emotion. He interprets feelings as inward and private whilst emotions are interpreted as outward and public. I hope to engage us in the idea of 'the mind as stage' an idea put forward by Antonio Damasio in 'The Feeling of What Happens' and connecting it to the Bacchae. The Bacchae could be interpreted as representing both feelings and emotions. The ancient Greek king Pentheus had an emotional curiosity. He was drawn to the mysteries and rituals contained in the woods. In disguise he finds women outwardly expressing their deep hidden essence. But the king get more than he bargains for when Dionysus exposes him.Dictionaries in the 17th and 18th centuries described emotion in a direct manner from the Latin derivation emovere (to move away from): in "1695: a moving out, a migration. And in 1735: causing a movement, in1822: it was described as a physical moving, stirring or agitation" (Candland et...

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