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A wise man named Ernest Hemingway is a person who has suffered a lot throughout his years. Though by the looks of it, he had it all. Hemingway was a bright man, who loved writing. A person who received awards for his fantastic books he wrote, not to mention being wealthy. Most of Hemingway’s book was basically a reflection of this life, and the things he have been through. As his stress kept increasing, depression started gaining. Both A Clean Well-Lighted Place and A Soldier’s Home by Ernest Hemingway support the idea that even though you have everything you wanted, you are still not happy, though you will have people around you not understanding why because you as yourself only understands
The novel A Clean Well-Lighted Place demonstrates that even if you have everything you ever wanted, we are still unhappy. One way this proves this point is through theme. Theme is the central message that is ...view middle of the document...

Though luckily, in the story his niece cut the rope down and saved him. This example reflects on Hemingway by him trying to commit suicide at his first attempt by did not succeed. This shows that any place you go to, people will know what you have caused to do, in this case the suicide attempt, and never understanding why.
The novel A Soldier’s Home, demonstrates the theme of loneliness, and miss-understanding, is where Krebs returns to his hometown from the War, and now sees the town odd, as if there was something missing. Though nothing did change, everything stood the same. Since Krebs live with his family, there is barely any dialogue. Except for his little sister and mother, they speak with them not often. Mostly in every night he would just stay up all night, read books, and play pool. Though in the story it explains how Krebs wants a girlfriend, though doesn’t want to be the first one to make a move, He also explains how he doesn’t want any conflict surrounding him, since he already had enough chaos from the war. This example reflects on how Hemingway acted when he returned from war. From how anti-social he was, and not wanting to talk to anyone because he thinks everything will start a conflict.
The stories, A Clean Well-Lighted Place and A Soldier’s Home, both interpret a reflection based on Hemingway’s Life. These stories also explain how you can have everything you ever wanted, but still be unhappy. Though when being in that situation, nobody can understand why, because only yourself is the only one that can understand. Furthermore, when not having understanding from anyone, that may lead to a lot of chaos. For example, in A Clean-Well-Lighted Place, involved how the old man (Hemingway) wanted to commit suicide, even though he had money and a roof to sleep under. Though nobody understood “why?” Therefore, the stories, A Clean Well-Lighted Place and A Soldier’s by Ernest Hemingway support the idea that even though you have everything you wanted, you are still not happy, though you will have people around you not understanding why because you as yourself only understands

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