The Innocence Of A Child Essay

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There comes a time when everyone must grow up and lose their innocence. Unfortunately for some, that time comes sooner than others due to the obstacles and difficult situations that life brings our way. Maji is the perfect example of a child who is stuck in a feud and is robbed of a normal childhood. Most children grow up being able to go out and play whenever they can. They don’t ever worry about any sort of revolution. In her narrative Persepolis the reader can see how much the Islamic Revolution has affected Marji and the way she matures over time.
At the beginning of her journey Marji believes she will one day become God’s last profit because that is the way he wants it. She has innocent conversations with him about certain events that have happen during her day. For example in page 4 she says “I felt guilty towards God “. The reason she says this is because that same day at school she had been asked what she wanted to become when she grew up, her answer was to be a prophet. This worried her teacher, so she called Marji’s parents to explain what had happened. After a discussion Marji finally says she want to become a doctor. She feels guilty towards God because in her mind she had discussed being a prophet with God and she truly believes that God has chosen her as his last prophet. Over time she sees that the revolution is starting and she believes she has to take action just like her parents. She believes her faith in God is unshakable, but little by little her visit from him stop. She starts to see the violence around her and starts losing the innocence she has and her dream of becoming the last prophet.
Marji starts brushing up on her history and reading to help her understand the Islamic revolution. The days that she is with her friends, instead of playing a game like hop scotch they have a reenactment of a demonstration. They demonstrate out in the garden and say “down with the king” (Persepolis pg 10). Marji’s parents soon take action and start explaining to her what is really going on. What helps Marji understand the most is when her Uncle Anoosh comes to visit. He tells her his story and how he has been hiding and has also been in prison. He also mentions the tortures he has seen and gone through. By the end of The Sheep chapter Marji has lost her “unshakable” faith and her innocence as to what is happening to...

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