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The ships movement drew Xacks from his dream. Looking over at Dana's naked pale, larvae like flesh he felt, well meaningful, if he was being honest. Slapping her ass, he woke her. Whatever this was she would want in too.

Minutes later he was in the cockpit, still naked and feeling drained. There was no one at the controls but they were in the air.

"Zero, you cunt!" He exclaimed aloud but without his usual venom. He was too content and seedy to really give a fuck, besides he owed the bastard one for saving him yesterday.

Heading back past the room he met Dana who was just pulling on boots as he past her in the hall.

"What's going on?" She muttered still bleary.

"Fucked if I know." He replied not pausing to wait for her.

There was a smell coming from the hold and it wasn't burnt toast.

"Zero." Xacks yelled into the silence. "What's going on?" But it was already apparent what the smell was.

"Oooly Fuck!" He heard Dana behind him.

"She is with me now." Zero spoke coldly.

"What kind of fucked up, god cult like shit is that?" Xacks found his venom in a heartbeat.

Normally he hated being ignored but this time he was too dumbstruck to worry about it. The android spoke to ClickClack in her native tongue and if Xacks had heard right, he told her to stop disposing of the crisped body and to roll him a fat, bile blunt.

He must have heard right because that's what she did, handing him the doobie which he took and sparked, inhaling the blueish smoke.

"There is a battle coming." Zero spoke in English. "I'm taking us to a living planet."

"A living planet?" Dana asked to Xacks delight, the shit was kicking in quick and he couldn't be bothered asking questions himself.

"This will be our last stand." Zero stated and that was all Xacks needed to hear. The rest was a blur as the ship's jump drive activated and he reached for his earthly assault rifle.

The decent to the planet would have been a smooth ride except for the fuckers blasting at the hull all the way down. Xacks hoped that Zero checked the planet atmosphere, because pretty soon they were going to have a hole letting the shit in.

Somehow they managed to land without smashing into the surface. The ships new shielding must have done a good job because they were still in one piece, despite several large openings letting the alien air in.

Xacks hadn't even thought about putting pants on when something buzzed past his head. Pink blood sprayed him as ClickClack went down squealing and clicking rapidly.

"You fuckers!" Xacks screamed in rage as he turned his back on the convulsing Crarab. Her pink extremities fully extended and flailing. Her exoskeleton smashed, sending shards into her organs. There was nothing he could do for her now, she was in death throes.

Elite armed soldiers stormed in through the living area, taking them from behind. It was strange, but he didn't feel that usual rush he got from battle. Sure he was hard downstairs as Thoracians got but he couldn't tell if it was the gear...

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