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The Innocent Victims Of Maycomb Essay

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In society, people are wrongly judged by false impressions, social status and race as well as other factors that influence the self-image of an individual. This is highly significant in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird through the characters of Arthur Radley and Tom Robinson who are innocent victims of prejudice by the people of Maycomb. The first character who represents the conception of misjudgment is Arthur Radley, who is misunderstood by others and dubbed as an intimidating person. Through the rumors being about him, it shows that he is an innocent victim because he just chooses not to associate with society, and people do not respect his way of life because it differs from theirs. ...view middle of the document...

Radley is, for he did not do anything in order to deserve this. And as for Tom Robinson, he is unfairly condemned in court only because he is African-American. During the trial, a significant conversation takes place between Scout, Jem, Reverend Sykes and Mr. Dolphus Raymond; “‘Scout, look! Reverend, he’s crippled!’ Reverend Sykes leaned across me and whispered to Jem. He got it caught in a cotton gin, caught it in Mr. Dolphus Raymond’s cotton gin when he was a boy… like to bled to death… tore all the muscles loose from his bones—’” (Lee 99). This conversation bears the realization that Tom cannot use his left arm, which demonstrates that there is no way Tom beat Mayella Ewell because she was mostly beaten on her right side. Yet Tom is still accused of doing so, and this is why he is an innocent victim. Tom also tells Atticus prior to the trial, ‘“Mr. Finch, if you was a nigger like me, you’d be scared too’” (Lee 215). Even though Tom knows he did not commit the crime, he also knows that most of the courthouse will be against him due to his skin color. Tom Robinson is an innocent victim because he has been accused of a crime that he surely did not commit, and this is all because of his race.
Arthur Radley is truly a kind, caring person. Yet he is still an innocent victim of prejudice. Arthur actually saves Jem and Scout’s life; ‘“I made my way along in what I thought was the direction of the road. I was not sure, because I had been turned around so many times. But I found the street light. A man was passing under it. The man was walking with the staccato steps of...

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