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This paper is about a computer pioneer before the 1990s. A computer pioneer is someone who has had an impact in the development or improvement of the computer. The paper will discuss the computer pioneer’s legacy and how it has affected the change of computers. The topic of this paper is TCP/IP and their designers, Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn.
TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, which is the protocol of the Internet. In a private network, TCP/IP can be used as a communications protocol; the TCP/IP can either be an intranet or extranet. A computer is provided with a copy of the TCP/IP program when it is set up with direct access to the Internet. (“What Is TCP/IP”)
TCP/IP is a two-layer program. The higher layer is Transmission Control Protocol. TCP manages the assembling of a message or file into smaller packets. The smaller packers are transmitted over the Internet. Then, the packers are received by a TCP layer that reassembles the packets into the original message. Internet Protocol is the lower layer. IP handles the packet’s address. IP makes sure that the packet gets to the right destination. Each gateway computer on the network checks the address to see where it should forward the message. A message has packets that are routed differently than other packets in the message; however, they will be reassembled at the destination. (“What Is TCP/IP”)
TCP/IP is a client/server model. The communication of TCP/IP is point-to-point; each communication is from point in the network to another point. TCP/IP and other applications that use TCP/IP are considered “stateless”. It is “stateless” because each request by the client is unrelated to any previous requests. The network path is freed up because of this, which allows everyone to use them continuously. Some of the higher layer applications that use TCP/IP to get to the Internet are Hypertext Transfer Protocol, File Transfer Protocol, Telnet, and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which are packaged together with TCP/IP as a “suite”. (“What Is TCP/IP”) The foundation of an inter-networking design is TCP/IP. TCP/IP is an open and efficient protocol of the Internet, which has made it the most widely used network protocol in the world. ("TCP/IP Internet Protocol.")
Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf are the designers of TCP/IP. However, Kahn was the one who laid the open architecture foundations for TCP/IP, which provided the Internet with one of its most distinctive features. ("Robert Kahn, TCP/IP Co-Designer.")
Robert Kahn helped build the Interface Message Processor when he worked at Bolt Beranek and Newman. In 1972, Robert Kahn was hired by Lawrence Roberts at the IPTO to work on networking techniques. In October, Kahn gave a demonstration of an ARPANET network, which connected 40 different computers at the International Computer Communication Conference. This made the network widely known around the world. ("Robert Kahn, TCP/IP Co-Designer.")
Robert Kahn also worked on...

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