The Inspired Words Persuasive Argument That The Bible Truly Is Inspired By God.

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Is the Bible in its totality the Word of God? This valid question deserves thorough investigation. It is easy to reason that it is impossible for ordinary men to record something as awesome as words spoken by God. However, when the facts are considered objectively, the answer to this often-asked question is plainly evident.The Bible is the irrefutably inspired Word of God; proven by an array of evidence that when pieced together, fashion a picture perfect puzzle.Reliable, meticulously translated manuscripts form the first piece of the evidence puzzle. How do we know that the text of the Bible is the same as originally written? Considering that fallible humans translated the Bible, this is another valid question. To begin with, we know that highly professional scribes took special care in their copying, due to the belief that they were handling the Word of God. Careful examination of Hebrew, Latin, and Greek texts reveal that astute accuracy was achieved during the translation of these documents. Furthermore, the discovery of the 1,000-year-old Dead Sea scrolls in 1947 revealed that the scriptures have been accurately translated all along. Moreover, thousands of original New Testament manuscripts have survived to this very day, confirming once again the accuracy of current versions. The Bible is 66 different books, written by 40 different authors, on 4 different continents, in 3 different languages, all coming together to promote one purpose. Another piece of the evidence puzzle is archeology. For centuries, facts from the Bible were discounted as mere unfounded fictitious stories. The archeological digs of the early nineteenth century revealed vital specifics that began to add credence to the historic accuracy of the Bible. Often the Bible was the only historic record of key figures, geographic areas, and specific events but now archeology confirms the Bible's claims.Fulfilled prophecy is...

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