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The Insurance Opt Out Bill Essay

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The biggest decision health care decision since Obamacare is taking effect this May. Public Act 182 of 2013, known as the “Rape Insurance Bill” or the “Insurance Opt Out Bill” was passed on December 11th, 2013 and has begun taking place this March. This bill requires a separate rider to be purchased for health insurance for abortion including in cases of incest or rape.
The "citizen-initiated" law, backed by Right to Life of Michigan, will take effect in March without crossing the governor's desk or appearing on the statewide ballot next year. Michigan Right to Life was able to gather enough signatures representing a mere 4.2% of Michigan voters to put a bill before the state legislature. I find it appalling that less than 5% of Michigan voters can make a decision for the other 95% of Michigan residents.
“This tells women who were raped … that they should have thought ahead and planned for it,” said Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat from East Lansing. This statement summarizes the argument clearly. Rape is not something that should be planned for. Planning for rape shows that as a society we are desensitized to this horrific act, and that it is a common place event. It sends the message that rape victims are to blame, as they should plan ahead for such things, by buying the rape insurance.
During the Debates Whitmer disclosed that she was a victim of rape. “It’s something I’ve coped with privately for many years now, but I felt it was important for my Republican colleagues to see the face of the women they’re hurting with their actions today. Thank god I didn’t get pregnant as the result of my own attack, but I can’t even begin to imagine now having to think about the same thing happening to my own daughters.”
After Whitmer spoke Democratic state Representative Collen Lamaonte spoke about her miscarriage. Lamonte pointed out that if she didn’t have insurance coverage for the dilation and curettage that was necessary to end the doomed pregnancy, her hospital bill could have been unaffordable.
“I would have been denied this procedure. Or we would have had an expensive medical bill that would have bankrupted us.”
The fact that non-elective abortions can be effected by this is another injustice. If a women has to undergo the emotional pain of losing a child from a doomed pregnancy, and then worry about the cost including the fact that her insurance may not cover it. In fact, the word elective pregnancy in this case is incorrect labeling. There is nothing elective about this...

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