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The Integration Of Public Schools Essay

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To this day, if it weren't for the Brown v. Board of Education Case, segregation would still be legal in American schools.Passed down from the Sumpreme Court in 1954, the Brown v. Board of Education case decreed that all American school be intergrated at once, this forced white-only schools to allow black students to attend. One of the very first students to intergrate a white-only public school was a little girl named Ruby Bridges. To integrate public schools Ruby Bridges and many other black students had to bravely face racism, danger, and hatred without having done anything wrong. When it came to intergrating public schools ,the fight was long and difficult while, in itself, seperating the good from the ignorant and weak.
On her first day intergrating William Franz Elementary School, Ruby Bridges was met by a large and infuriated mob of white parents and students. At a six year old child, the mob cheered for intergration to be abolished, screamed out racist insults, and chanted racial slurs. This all happened directy outside of Ruby's school and, to make things worse, the effects of Ruby's intergration did not end once Ruby left school and went home. The negative effects of Ruby's integration seemed to follow her everywhere and they didn't take long to encroach on her family life and her personality. For example, because of Ruby's intergration, her family was told to stop shopping at the local grocery store by Ms. Stein, the owner. Now, Ms. Stein could've couragous and ignored what other people thought about Ruby's intergration and her family. However, Ms. Stein let other peoples wrong and hateful opinions towards intergration and Ruby alter hers.
However, beyond her personal life, Ruby faced immense obstacles at William Franz Elementary School. Ms. Witmer, Ruby's principal was completely againgst intergration and she made it her mission to make Ruby's time at William Franz Elementary as unnecessarily difficult as possible in attempt to drive her out of the school. Everyday for almost the entire school year, Ruby's principal insisted that Ruby eat her lunch by herself and be fully isolated from the other white students who attended the school. Though, what was the most outrageous and...


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