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The Intended Audience Of Shrek 2

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The Intended Audience of Shrek 2

For this essay I will evaluate the potential arrows that direct us to
believe that this film was actually intended for adults with the
perception of a children’s film. Here I will display the possible
arguments for and against the above criticism that will back up both
of the children and adult audiences, showing similarities and
differences within them and the comparison to other films. The film
also demonstrates abilities that combine the audiences together to
ensure that all appreciate the content, perhaps less often than

Shrek 2, a computer animated film directed by Andrew Adamson, Kelly
Asbury, and Conrad Vernon, is frequently entertaining but is also,
just as frequently, uninteresting or even confusing to some fraction
of the audience.
Shrek (Mike Myers), a large, fat, green ogre with ears like tiny
mushrooms and his new wife, the podgy, green ogress Fiona (Cameron
Diaz), who had once been human by day and a monster only at night, are
invited by her parents, the King and Queen of the Land Far Far Away
(John Cleese and Julie Andrews) to visit them in their castle.
Unfortunately, Fiona's father dislikes the idea of his daughter
marrying an ogre and remaining one herself. Hoping to solve both these
problems, he conspires with the crafty Fairy Godmother, sends Shrek
into the forest, hires Puss in Boots to murder him, and arranges for
the Fairy Godmother's vain son, Prince Charming, to impersonate the
absent ogre.
For Shrek 2, relying on tried-and-true pop-culture riffs, fart jokes
and cute animals; catered to an audience that is probably more
important to an animated film than critics are (young kids) is not why
the film has enjoyed more commercial success as a result but because
of its capability to deceive two different audiences. Shrek 2
possesses some hysterical moments that starts slowly and build to a
crescendo as it reaches its thoroughly predictable climax.

On the contrary a ‘just kid film’ is not all what Shrek 2 proposes to
be. Sure enough this may be the approach but the richly filled content
of sarcasm and sexual comments suggests another story that is not so
fairytale! It is for this Shrek 2 remains questionable on whether the
movie was targeted at children, adults or perhaps both? If it is a
film initially intended to target both audiences why make it a PG and
not a U? If it was for adults only, surely it should be a 12A, 15 or
(I doubt it) an 18? Is it because of the animation it did not receive
this certificate of “grown-up hood”? But South Park did! And if it
were just for children… initially there would not have to be any
“parental guidance” anyway! In this case Shrek 2 should be examined
before drawing a conclusion.


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