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The Intention Of Violent Video Games

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“We’re dealing with A, a fantasy, B entertainment, and C, an audience that goes beyond the young child. The hue and cry about a 6-year old being confused is inappropriate. You have to assume that the 6-year-old has 70$ - 75$ and can get in his or her car and go to the mall to buy it. That’s a fantasy that's even more unlikely.” (Gurson, L 1) Even though video games can have violent themes, games do not cause teen violence because violence is not encouraged outside of the game and video games are just a form of entertainment or distraction.
Video games can have violent themes and with the rapid advancement of modern computers these violent themes are becoming more realistic everyday. ...view middle of the document...

These jokes are more commonly referred to as memes, over 9000 and rickrolling are just a couple examples although they are not commonly used anymore. Rickrolling is the act of using a attractive caption to draw peoples attention so that they would click on the link that would bring them to a video of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. Unfortunately rickrolling died off after overuse because people began to expect a rickroll whenever an overly attractive link was found.
Social media site’s such as Reddit, Imgur and, IFunny are almost entirely based off of memes. “I use to be an adventure like you, but then i took an arrow to the knee” Is another meme that originated from the popular game Skyrim, the phrase is actually a synonym for getting married but, that didn't stop the piles of jokes from surrounding it. Of course not all memes originate from video games but many are inspired or found within games.
In the end video games are just a form of entertainment or distraction. The idea of video games causing teen violence is not inappropriate however it only causes violence if looked at in the wrong point of view. Goat Simulator is a new game that came out on
April,1, 2014 it was created as a joke but its popularity quickly spread due to how unpredictable the game is. One would expect a field of goats and the player wanders about eating grass, but in reality it is a town with some fields outside of it and a large crane that the player can climb. There is no real goal or point other than to roam about and wreck havoc as a goat loose in a town, headbutting people, blowing up vehicles, or trashing houses as a goat. In one point of view the game is violent because you are...

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