The Intentions Of The Soldiers Of The Vietkong (Vietnam War)

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“Don’t you understand, Little One?” Second Harvest said gesturing towards the creek and the house, “This is all we wanted.” (Borton 132).The American military came to Vietnam with intentions to stop Communist expansion, at the eventual expense of millions of lives. However, spreading Communism was not always the goal of Vietnamese resistance to American troops. Instead, most of those in opposition to the U.S. were fighting for the right to live peacefully, and for the safety of their families. These non-ideological motives were overlooked by the U.S. and contributed greatly to North Vietnam’s victory as demonstrated through the testimony of Vietnamese women, and through the reforms of the Renovation.The wars the U.S. had fought before Vietnam almost never used women as troops or spies. Consequently, along with the notion that it is generally considered cruel to kill women in war, the U.S. military barely even considered the possibility of fighting against Vietnamese women. Forced to endure decades of oppression and fighting, the women felt they “had to rise up” (Borton 76) in an effort to bring about peace and stability. During the French conflict, “Southern women captured three districts in Ben Tre province” (Borton 112- 113). After all, a life in a country full of starvation and war was not “the life [they] wanted for [their] children” (Borton 110). Acting as “guides” and “spies” (Borton 118), women managed to “memorize messages, carry maps, [and] gather intelligence” (Borton 112) under the noses of American troops. If ever questioned by American GIs, the women would “answer ‘I didn’t see,’ ‘I didn’t hear,’ ‘I don’t know,’” (Borton 118). Some, such as Second Harvest in After Sorrow, “carried a rifle” (Borton 98). Autumn, also from After Sorrow, claims that “Women rarely ratted under torture; the men were more likely to squeal” (Borton 83). The desperate actions of these noble women illustrate how the Vietnamese were fighting for peace and stability, not just for a Communist government. Because “the Americans never did understand the power of women” (Borton 78) or their motives, incredible strain was placed upon the U.S. troops which contributed to North Vietnam’s victory.In the mid 1980s, the government of Vietnam underwent changes in many fields to make Vietnam a more prosperous and civilized nation. One of these major changes included shifting from a centrally controlled economy where citizens were “discouraged from making and selling goods...

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