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The Interesting Man In The World

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A middle aged man with a full black beard, wearing a black tuxedo with a white dress shirt and shiny black shoes, is lying down on two chairs. He is in either a fancy restaurant or ballroom. There is muted lighting and deep red carpets with gold design. The tables have white table cloths and red flower centerpieces. He is lifting, bench press style, two young, petite Asian women. They are wearing white nurse’s uniforms with nurse’s hats and white stockings and shoes. The well dressed crowd of onlookers is applauding his manly act. The narrator says “the police often question him just because they find him interesting.”
The same man, younger looking, with his trademark full beard and wearing a suit and white shirt, is in a camouflaged command center. He is surrounded by various officers all wearing army uniforms, some even with their medals on. They are all watching intently as he arm wrestles a communist dictator, who is sporting a mustache and a hat that has a gold star on it. The dictator can only put up a few seconds of resistance before he is forced to succumb to the strength of our man. The narrator says “his beard alone has experienced more than a lesser mans entire body.”
He appears older now with gray in his hair and beard. He is wearing a brown jacket and a light brown sweater over a white shirt. He is on a dry grassy hill side with a grizzly bear trapped in a bear trap. The bear is in obvious discomfort bellowing at the top of its lungs and flailing around with its massive paws. The man approaches holding out his hand to calm the bear, and then proceeds to free it opening the trap with his bare hands. He waves goodbye as the bear disappears into the hills. The narrator says “his blood smells like cologne.”
Looking middle aged with a full black beard, and wearing a captain’s hat and a light jacket with a white turtle neck shirt underneath and sporting a deep tan as if he’s been on the water for a while, the man poses with a beautiful woman beside a sword fish they have...

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