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The Internal Thoughts And External Influences Of Macbeth

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Pressure is inevitable – it is something that is felt by all, whether the source is from within or as a result of other people and events. Throughout Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the main character is faced with many pressures, both internal and external. Although his pressures are external at first, they later become internal and affect his character as well as his sanity. Macbeth feels externally pressured by his wife and the three apparitions given to him by the witches. Consequently, he begins to feel mentally pressured by his fear to secure the throne, his paranoia, and his sense of tyranny and blood lust. These pressures cause his character to change, which leads him into greater downfall. ...view middle of the document...

7.46-47). Lady Macbeth plays a key role in Macbeth’s descent to evil as she is the source of the first external pressure felt by him.
Many of the external pressures felt by Macbeth are a result of the three apparitions given to him by the witches in the first scene of Act 4. The first apparition is of an armed head, warning Macbeth to beware of Macduff. Macbeth feels pressured by this, which leads him to kill Macduff’s family while attempting to kill Macduff. While conversing with her son, a messenger comes to inform Lady Macduff of Macbeth’s grievous deed, warning her, “Be found not here. Hence with your little ones” (4.2.66). The messenger wants for her to escape with her children so that Macbeth’s murderers will not be able to find her. When the murderers appear, before killing Lady Macduff and her son, they ask her, “Where is your husband?” (4.2.77). This tells the audience that Macbeth had originally sent the thugs to kill Macduff as well as his family, which is a result of the pressure he feels by Macduff after hearing the first apparition. The second apparition, a bloody child, tells Macbeth that no man born of woman (a natural birth) can harm him. During Macbeth’s final battle with Macduff, Macbeth tells him, “I bear a charmed life which must not yield/To one of woman born” (5.8.12-13). Macbeth hopes that by saying this to Macduff, he will surrender as he is wasting his time. Instead, Macduff reveals to Macbeth that he was, “…from his mother’s womb/Untimely ripp’d” (5.8.15-16). Once Macbeth hears this, he feels pressure and says to Macduff, “Accursed be that tongue that tells me so, For it hath cow’d my better part of man” (5.8.17-18). Macbeth feels both pressure and intimidation and curses Macduff for destroying the better part of his man – his courage. Furthermore, he tries to back out of the fight by telling Macduff that, “I’ll not fight with thee” (5.8.22). Ultimately, after hearing the third apparition – a crowned child with a tree in its hand that tells Macbeth to beware for when Birnam Wood moves to Dunsinane – Macbeth feels pressure when he learns that Birnam Wood really is moving to Dunsinane. Macbeth’s messenger reports to him that, “As I did stand upon the hill/I look’d toward Birnam and anon methought/The wood began to move” (5.5.32-34). Upon hearing this, Macbeth feels the pressure of the third apparition and begins to grow tired, saying, “There is nor flying hence nor tarrying here. I’gin to be aweary of the sun/And wish th’estate o’th’world were now undone” (5.5.47-49). In this quote, Macbeth realizes that there is no point in either running away or staying in Dunsinane because he will end up dying either way. He accepts defeat when he says, “At least we’ll die with harness on our back” (5.5.51). Later on, when the Birnam Wood finally reaches Macbeth’s castle, he says that, “They have tied me to a stake; I cannot fly, But bear-like I must fight the course” (5.7.1-2). Macbeth is pressured even further and feels that the...

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