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The Internalization Of Wisdom, The Vulnerability Of God

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The Internalization of Wisdom, The Vulnerability of GodTolerating universalistic conclusions from a text as dominant as the Old Testament is difficult to accept as blatant and forthright as it is. To simplify the mystifying force that gave birth to the earth and the waters and everything above and below them, the voice of creation and destruction, compassion and contempt, to a script to be comprehended by flesh and bone is a curious demand. Indeed it nurtures as many questions as it does answers. Perhaps there is no correct man made response to a Godly query. Man is confined to matter, forever enforcing limits, hence satisfying a divine inquisition may exist beyond our capacity. But do we exist outside our physical boundaries? Insight and perception as external and internal factors take on the form of wisdom, an attribute that could have the capabilities of fulfilling devoutly entrenched inquiries. However, passages in the Old Testament constantly warn of impending death for those who seek wisdom. As a result, a recurring theme is focused on the appropriate balance between intelligence and wisdom.Man, created in the image and likeliness of his Father, faced limitations regarding knowledge from his conception. In Genesis, the first man was put in the Garden of Eden, free to consume the fruits of any tree, except those of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In Amos, it is prophesized that man must seek goodness and not evil, and in doing so establish justice. However, to distinguish righteousness from malice requires a certain internalization of wisdom. Likewise, in a hypocritical approach, God accuses Job of giving counsel without knowledge. Conversely, if Job were equipped with knowledge he would be, according to the heed of God, met with death. God then proceeds to remind Job that he is inferior because he cannot "...look on everyone that is proud, and bring him low". In another approach at questioning the endeavors of Gods creations, Job uses the sufferings of the animal world in uniform with those of man; thematically approaching the topic of suffering as a consequence of a deficiency of wisdom. Specifically, when referring to the Ostrich as a bird whose colorful wings are a deception for her undersupplied shielding of her young, Job believes that these afflictions are a result of God withholding much essential wisdom. Where then is the equilibrium between required intelligence and malicious wisdom?The text neither offers a direct response regarding where the competence of man is bound nor where the offense of God begins. It can be dissected from the writings of the Old Testament, that the Lord regards wisdom in man as baseless conceit. The personalization of the function of Gods creations is unattainable by His creations. How could man claim to have knowledge of something that existed before him? Much like a connoisseur claiming to appreciate more than the artist. In further analysis of the readings, it can be deduced that not only is...

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