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The Global Arches business is a large global corporation that started off in America. Even with this large corporation starting in the U.S., it has branched out and is now a big part in the fast food industry around the world. When outsiders look at the American life, they see a very fast pace, overweight, and look for the easy way out and inexpensive ways. These are largely what the Golden Arches Corporation is all about. Many people see the expansion of this business as an expansion of the problems this country has. The culture around us is seen as to have a major connection with the Golden Arches Industry.
With the inspiration of America moving toward globalization, many counties feel as though they are losing out of their original culture. America is seen as pushing away the local cultures of these areas and making a new culture altogether that is created with mostly American ideals. The book states how this industry maintains a proper way of attendance at the restaurant (pay in advance, sit and eat, and leave). This way is almost to the point of trying to make other people into Americans and lead them into the same daily way of life (Page 27). Also, it is important to note that not only is the Golden Arches moving into these areas. However, many American companies are moving to these places to expand their empires. For example, Dunkin Doughnuts and Coca-Cola are all commonly seen businesses in Beijing and Seoul. These show how globalization has moved into these eastern Asian places. It is easy to see that the influences of globalization have moved the original cultures into the background and now a westernized global world is being brought forward.
In the book Golden Arches East: McDonald’s in East Asia explains how this fast food business has become almost localized in these eastern Asian countries. Surprisingly in some of these countries, this business has become so accepted that eating their food does not seem as though they are eating American food, it has become almost their own. This corporation is not only a place to quickly pull around for those double cheeseburgers, or to sit for a few and quickly eat anymore. It has even become a place that is clean, a place for Americans to meet and even a safe place for our increasing youth. Yunxiang Yan explains that in China many people do not even like the food but go to this establishment for other reasons such as being in a popular fashionable scene.(Page 48) Every country has there different ideas and thoughts about this establishment, but it really depends on the culture that surrounds it.
Thanks to the large expansion, other countries and their cultures have started to shift in a new and different direction. With this new introduction of Global food chains there has been a shift. This can possibly lead to a more globalized world. This is because the industry is moving so much around the world that other customs, cultures and even ways of making the food are changing. Whether this...

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