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The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor Essay

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International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)
The ITER is an internationally funded research and development project which focuses on constructing the world’s first largest experimental nuclear fusion reactor. This project intends to adopt the experimental and theoretical studies of plasma physics or ‘tokomak’ (a device utilizing electromagnetic fields to trap plasma) and apply it to construct a fully functional, nuclear fusion power plant which will harness the energy made from nuclear fusion to create electricity.. This project is funded by USA, China, India, the EU, Russia, Japan and South Korea. The stated countries have funded a total of 6.6 billion pounds to the French ...view middle of the document...

The used water will them be sent to a cooling tower where the water will be tested for chemical contamination before being released into the river. As another means of safety, liquid nitrogen systems will be installed to provide a cooling capacity of 80 kelvin. This will ensure safety in case of any complications with the reactor.
With regards to the advantages of nuclear fusion, the raw fuel or energy itself is readily available. The elements, deuterium and tritium are basically unlimited. Fusion will not emit toxic gas and other deadly compounds into the atmosphere, unlike burning coal. Fusion will only release helium gas, which will not have any effects on the atmosphere, as helium is very abundant on the atmosphere, therefore it will not contribute to global warming. With regards to disadvantages, the overall cost of constructing a facility which will harness the energy of nuclear fusion is extremely high. ITER’s project costs 10 billion Euros. With nuclear fission, the advantages are that, it is inexpensive to create and harness the energy. Fission also does not create greenhouse gas. The disadvantages are that, wastes are created from fission which can directly harm life and there is a risk of a...

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