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The Internationale was a song created to spread the core beliefs of Communism to the masses. It attempted to achieve this purpose through providing a “catchy” song that could be easily spread throughout the working population. This communist anthem is structured very simply. The structure includes six stanzas followed by a chorus. The stanzas introduce the communist desire to bring awareness to the masses and denounce government, social class, and religion. The chorus promises equality for all if action is taken.
The first stanza of The Internationale brings awareness to the working class. By repeating the lyrics “stand up,” the song tells the poor it is time for change. The lyrics ...view middle of the document...

The second stanza continues with this denouncement of oppressive social institutions by blatantly castigating religion; however, including the idea of taking action to stop the unjust ruling of these institutions. This portion of the song opens by expressing that no one coming to save the proletarians including God. This correlates directly with the Marxist belief that “religion is the opium of the masses” and interferes with overthrowing the system. The song then directly addresses the producers (the proletarians). The lyrics assert that the working class must save itself, so that the “thief expires”, or the ruling class can no longer exploit them, and the workers’ “spirit [can] be pulled from its prison”. This stanza concludes with the figurative language of “[l]et us fan the forge ourselves”, once again stating that the working class must save themselves, and “[s]trike the iron while its hot” suggesting that now is the time for action.
Throughout The Internationale there is a call to action. The first stanza’s lyrics include “[t]his is the eruption of the end” and “the world is about to change its foundation” suggesting the Communist necessary ‘social revolution’ driven by the masses. The third stanza, like the second, calls the working class to action by stating that they should not “languish” in the “custody” of the system. This once again alludes to a “socialist revolution.” The fifth and sixth stanzas continues this call to action with the fifth passage’s diction blatantly pushing the working class towards a violent revolution, or the “war to the tyrants.” Continuing this sentiment, the sixth stanza states that “the Earth only belongs to men [and] the idle will go reside elsewhere” suggesting the ‘idle’ or the ruling class will be killed.
If the listener follows through with this call to action there is a alluring promise in the chorus of The Internationale. The chorus of the Communist anthem states that “this is the final struggle” which suggests a socialist revolution, and that if the working class consolidates that in the near future “the International will be the human race”. This is significant because this promises the listener that if they join this movement that they will be part of a larger ‘international’ race, and regardless of gender, race, income, they will be equal. Each stanza of the song alludes to this promise. For example the...

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