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The Internationalisation Of Education Has Benefits For Both Local And International Students. Discuss.

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In recent times a large number of students spent a semester abroad to improve their knowledge about foreign languages and also to make new experiences concerning other cultures and habits. Therefore students have to face with a variety of problems due to a new environment such as understanding difficulties or different social behaviour and attitudes. Despite occurring problems, it has been suggested that international students might benefit from new experiences in a foreign country, whereas domestic students are likely to acquire appropriate social skills and to widen their horizon. After giving a short definition of internationalisation of education, this paper will discuss both, the difficulties of an international student, studying abroad, and it will explore advantages which both, international and domestic students might take out of a cross-cultural relationship.The internationalisation of education is a process which allows students to acquire and deepen international/intercultural skills, attitudes and knowledge by means of education. At the same time students shell learn to be open minded for other cultures and try to accept and understand them (Nesdale & Todd 1993, p. 190).Internationalisation of education might lead to a better understanding of each others' culture, language and society. Since students of different nationalities behave individually according to the influence of their origin, social skills could be acquired for example by joining the same study course with students from other countries (Barker, et al, 1991). Both, local and international students are likely to build up intercultural competences such as intercultural awareness, understanding and acceptance of other cultures (Nesdale; Todd, 1993). Furthermore relationship between students from different countries might contribute to an improved international cooperation, since students might appreciate a foreign culture, which eventually could lead to international peace progress and also might assist a world wide human rights movement (The Australian, 2004). International students can obtain new aspects of knowledge, especially those of language, whereas local students as well might develop a cognitive process with respect to foreign cultures (Kudo, 1998).New learning methods and strategies could be helpful for both kinds of students as they improve the higher education in total (Windham, 1996). In order to take different nationalities and cultures into account, it has been suggested that a flexible education environment would be beneficial for all students. For example they could acquire knowledge about foreign cultures and beliefs, so that Universities, if getting more diverse, could provide a broader spectrum of education (Windham, 1996). For example, students from developing countries can prepare for working abroad through the obtained knowledge of new cultures and their habits. Moreover internationalization of education not only contributes to a wider horizon...

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