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The Internet And Cyber Bullying Essay

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The prominence of the internet shifted the paradigm of how people interact with one another. Internet was the catalyst for the expansion of worldwide affairs. For instance, communications has evolved from postal messages to efficient video calling. However, along with the positive of worldwide communications, it has also brought about a new subculture of bullying. Cyber bullying is a new age of terrorism that any individual can become a bully, especially online bullies. This type of bullying is extremely common with little to none regulation. A researcher had shown that cyber bully can be uncontrollable due to the low level of regulation. Cyber bullying consist of ...view middle of the document...

Cyber Bullying Problems
The popularity of the internet had grown into the 21st century, where the younger generation has a higher risk of exposure to cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can affect anyone who is online, but studies had shown that adolescents and teens are most affected by this problem (Brausch and Litwiller, 2013). Children are more vulnerable online, which causes serious harassment cases. Li (2006, 161) explained that females use harassment online through social media, and cell phone which targets the emotional level more so than their male counterparts. Males often engage in more traditional bullying cases which lead to more physical violence (Li 2006, 161). The increase amount of exposure regarding online access is one of the leading causes of cyber bullying. Our culture today revolves around the excessive use of technology. People, especially the younger generation are adapting to this style of culture of harassment online. Due to the lack of regulations and strict rules applied online, children are continuing harassing one another to feel powerful over specific online targets and many retaliate by becoming a cyber bully themselves. Children who are lonely, angry, frustrated, and or even bored can contribute to the social problem of cyber bullying.
Bully in regards of online harassment is becoming a popular theme when comparing both traditional and nontraditional bullying. Online harassment allows people to have easy access to harm someone online with little to none consequences. Hinduja (2010), quoted from the article that, “with regard to...

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