The Internet And How Americans Communicate

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How do you communicate with your friends and family or even your coworkers? The internet is one of the most important inventions of it's time. Most Americans use the Internet on a daily basis and it has dramatically changed the way we communicate in all aspects of life. "As of June 30, 2008, 1.463 billion people use the Internet according to Internet World Stats" (Internet). The Internet has been around for a while, but within the last decade or so it has definitely become one of the most popular was of communicating and obtaining information. Computers and the Internet have become the easiest way to communicate for a lot of people.American life for most people has turned into a fast paced whirl wind. Not only do we expect, but we also demand to have things done in a fast pace. We have been trained and expect to get what we want when we want it. The Internet plays into this by providing endless information to use at the simple touch of a button. We no longer have to wait for the newspaper or to watch the morning or evening news. Why would we do that when we have the World Wide Web at our fingertips? Yes there are still people who read the newspaper and watch the news. The point that I'm trying to make though, is that if you want to know something that instant, you can go straight to the internet and look it up."The Internet has made possible entirely new forms of social interaction, activities and organizing, thanks to its basic features such as widespread usability and access" (Internet). There are many ways of communicating on the Internet. In my opinion, email is probably the most popular form of communication these days. Aside from email, not only do you have blog sites, and Instant Messaging, there are also the social networking sites such as MySpace and Face Book. These websites have created a new way of socializing with friends, family and even strangers. On these websites you can add a wide variety of information to your personal page, such as family pictures, blogs and a brief description about who you are. These types of websites have become popular within the last few years, not only among kids but adults as well.One of the fastest growing forms of Internet communication I would say is instant messaging, or IM. Not only are children using IM to chat with their friends, but adults use it in the workforce as well. A lot of...

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