The Internet And Its Effects Essay

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The Internet and Its Effects

The Internet was first developed in 1957 as a communication resource for the military Defense Unit. Since then the Internet remains to a service of communication that is now provided to all people with the access of a computer. Over the past several years the Internet has developed and expanded into an endless resource of information and knowledge. With billions of Internet users present in the world today, the idea of living life through the computer is not as uncommon as it used to be. Today people have the opportunity to experience relationships and receive an education through the computer. Although the quality of this kind of life is available, one may ask how realistic and healthy is it. Through the Internet, the process of gaining the products of life is non-existent. For example, I remember doing book reports and the process and experience in which it created. I would set aside at least a few hours of a day to go to the library, and work with a Liberian as a team in order to locate the information that I needed. I would then travel through an array of books to my destination. I would search through a few books on the same topic located right next to the book for which I had been looking. After finding several books with an array of different information I check them out, return home, and enjoy. Some may say that the Internet could have saved me the time it took to locate my resources. However, the process I went through socially, mentally and physically are aspects of life created through an experience, which the Internet cannot provide. Although the services provided through technology have brought society closer together, it has also pushed it farther apart. Consequently the Internet may be viewed as a positive influence however, it has had a great effect on education, psychology and social issues in society, that have been negative overall.

The process of education involves sharing knowledge through communication to another individual/s. The means through which education is provided has changed tremendously in the past few years and continues change today. Through technology, education is viewed by the US Department of Education as "no longer confined to it's campus or shaped mainly by it's own traditions, it's academic community and faculty, it's libraries and any other source of knowledge or by any other tangible factors."(Hallak 3) Education without tangible resources is an education that is more widely available to students. When time and distance are variables that are no longer present in obtaining information student's nation wide can receive an education. For the first time students have more flexibility and options in making a choice as to where, when and how they receive their education.

Conversely, some may say that education has been made easy. Students and teachers are no longer are required to travel to a classroom to meet or verbally discuss topics face to face. The communication...

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