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The Internet And Its Effects On Education And Academics

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What makes the Internet so appealing? Whether it is it the fact that it has almost every answer to every problem or that the Internet provides its users with a virtual reality to be whoever they so choose, the Internet can be regarded (by some) as something that has advanced the human race into a new age while others see the Internet as an infernal contraption that has ruined society. Although there are two sides to the debate to as whether or not the Internet can be seen as something useful or harmful when preparing college students for their careers, the resolution should be that a professor ought to issue assignments over the course of the semester requiring the students to use the library as a primary resource instead of the Internet.
The Internet makes up one of the most heavily used appliances that every college student literally depends upon, and I know this because I am a current freshman in college. To people like myself (who are in college) it is effortless to type just a few words into the search bar and hit enter, thereby eliminating hours of mindless work that (let’s face it) nobody likes doing. If there is anything to take away from this is essay it is that the work ethic that many college students live by is not enough to get them through four or more years of college, and to succeed at the highest level one must learn to use the library as a resource for research projects and more. The fact that many students are willing to cut hours of work that can truly benefit them in the future is something that needs to change, and the only way it can is if teachers require students to use the Internet as a secondary source in searching for information that is useful on assignments and projects.
When it comes to books that one typically checks out from a public or university library the issue of weight stands out as significant, especially to college students who affirm that carrying a tablet or e-reader might be easier than lugging three or four books when doing research for an important assignment. While this may seem like an idea that can save you a lot of money on a masseur/masseuse, the truth is that many college students actually prefer classic textbooks to the common tablet. According to Richard Mayer, a psychology professor at the University of California-Santa Barbara, "The challenge for working in the electronic age is that we have so much access to information but we still have the same brain we always had… the problem not being access to information, but that it is integrating that information and making sense out of it.”
Another issue that many libraries are faced with is that many students or curious people will constantly search up what they don’t know instead of looking it up in a book (the old fashioned way). What many students don’t realize is that the library, along with its knowledgeable librarians, are there to help students look for resources when a student doesn’t know where else to turn in times of disparity....

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