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The Internet And Our Children Essay

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The internet can be a wonderful resourceful place where we can find just about anything we may need. However it also makes it easier than ever for our children to become victims of sexual predators. On the web there are many places where our children can meet and talk to complete strangers. According to Daniel Armagh, “Internet chat rooms may provide the greatest opportunity for sexual exploitation of children” (Armagh, 1998). The worst part is that most parents don’t know you to prevent, identify, and stop cyber predators. In the following paragraphs to come we will talk about how to do just that.

First, how can we prevent our children from being a victim online? We must educate our children about the online dangers especially sexual victimization, be with them when they access the internet, know what their favorite online sites are, and keep the computer in a common area where we can supervise them. Some other things we can do are utilize parental controls and make sure we have access to all their online accounts. Most importantly we most teach our children to be responsible in their online use and choice wisely what chat rooms they choice to visit. (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
Secondly, we can creating simply rules for our children to follow online. Some rules we can use are: 1) Do not give out any personal information to any one online, 2) tell your parents immediately if anything you come across makes you uncomfortable, 3) never send your picture to anyone you met online, 4) do not respond to any mean or indecent message, 5) most importantly never agree to meet anyone form online face to face. We can also make sure our kids keep these rules nearby, post them next to the computer or on the wall behind it. (Armagh, 1998) With these simple yet efficient rules we can keep our children safe.
Thirdly, we have to be able to identify if our child is already in contact with a sexual predator. There are a few signs we could identify to find out if our child is indeed in contact with a predator. Some examples are; spending large amounts of time online even more so...

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