The Internet And The Behavior It Creates

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In the United States, the internet has become an excellent resource of information and learning. Although this has become a powerful tool that is of great benefit it is becoming problematic to the youth of America. The internet has creating anti-social behavior in our children that are now young 20 something’s. Anti-social behavior is the lack of consideration for others and may cause damage to the society, whether intentionally or through negligence. (Berger, K. 2003) Many times this anti-social behavior results in criminal activity, or behavior that is contrary to the norms of society. There are weekly reports in the news of youth cyber bullying, illicit texting, or pornographic ...view middle of the document...

However, that is part of the process of being a social member of society. Nie, and Ebring (2000) found that internet usage leads to an increase in depression, loneliness, and neglect of existing close relationships. Some might argue that it is narrowing the field because the eHarmony customer put his or her preferences in a computer and it spits out candidates to date. I would counter that it is impossible for most late teen or early twenty year old to know what their likes and dislikes are yet? Especially, in the world they have grown up in the social networking world never having to stand on their own identity.
Studies have shown that the internet is creating a generation of users that are becoming more anti-social than the generation before them. The internet is not limited to social media and dating websites. Young (1999) classifies Internet addiction into five different types of behaviors. (1) Cybersexual addiction: the addicts spent a lot of time in adult websites for cybersex and cyberporn. (2) Cyber-relationship addiction: the addicts involved heavily in online relationships. (3) Net compulsions: the addicts exhibited obsessive online gambling and shopping. They are compulsive online gamblers and shopaholics. (4) Information overload: the addicts displayed compulsive web surfing and database searches. (5) Computer game addiction: the addicts were obsessive online game players. Most of us probably know of someone that falls within one of these categories. It is important to not allow the youth of America to be productive members of...

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