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The Internet Is A Blessing Essay

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Ever imagined what the world was like before the internet was invented? Ever wondered how people managed before the invention of computers by Charles Babbage? Well take a look into the world of computers: a life saver that many persons rely on daily for their needs. Yes, it is the internet. The Internet is the largest information resource comprised of a network of hundreds of millions of computers located throughout the world (Johnson, 7). It consists of a set of computers, a set of physical (or wireless) links, and a set of rules or protocols governing the exchange of information between them (1995). The invention of the Advanced Research Projects Agency was one of the world largest ...view middle of the document...

Education has come a long way from the one room school house in which students scribed on slates, eventually advancing to quill ink. Today, students have a host of resources at their disposal, allowing them to gather information more quickly and produce professional looking products. One of the most innovative tools at students' disposal is the Internet. This virtual setting, full of information, can be used in many advantageous ways. The internet serves as an educational tool to students as they no longer need to spend multiple hours searching for a desire piece of information and also because they can obtain a college degree online. Students used the Internet to research all types of information from various library resources all over the globe, including newspapers, articles, journal publications, books and magazines. Through the Internet, students have increased their learning potential seen that it provides all the latest information. Additionally, the Internet has expanded a smaller library tremendously. Students who have used search engines found their information quicker and have been more tailored to their specific needs. How can the Internet improve one’s learning ability? The Internet is the modern engine for progress and has had a far more invasive effect on education.
The internet has given anew a fresh approach online education. Students have the ability to obtain an educational degree online. It has provided students with the convenience of going to classes and completing assignments on their own schedules. They are able to take classes from a college or university that is situated nowhere near their hometown and get an educational experience that is unavailable in their country locally. Students, who travel with a job, can take a class in their house or at work. In addition, it has saved students a lot of money for living accommodations, gas and travelling expenses. Improvements in technology, the rapid growth of users of the Internet worldwide, and the need for people to have flexible school schedules while they are working have led to a proliferation of online colleges that award associate, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. In the year 2010, as many as 31.3% of the degrees earned were obtained through an online degree (Schaarsmith). Education is a matter of actions and values and is a basic human process. The positive impact of the internet on education has only enhanced the educational process of it: bringing the classroom, students and the teacher on one platform. Regardless of gender, race, age, geographic location, language or any disability, the internet gives an equal chance to all to progress in the field of education.
Despite the loss of proper communication skills, the world’s technology has advanced tremendously, whereas the internet has decreased the need for personal interactions. In times past, the only source of communication was through writing letters to one another, sending them via post mail,...

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