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The Internet: Is It Helping Or Hurting Us

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The whole world is connected by technology. Over time, technology has advanced from payphones and typewriters to cellphones and computers. The progression from a gray-screened cellular device to an advanced smartphone allows easier accessibility. So the question is whether or not the Internet or online technology is affecting the way we read long texts. In my opinion, I agree with Nicholas Carr, who states that "our hyperactive online habits are damaging the mental faculties we need to process and understand lengthy textual information.”
In Nicholas Carr’s, The Shallows, he writes, “Over the past few years I’ve had an uncomfortable sense that someone, or something, has been tinkering with my brain, remapping the neural circuitry, reprogramming the memory.”(Shallows). That is what technology has done to all of us over the years. It has shaped the way we look at articles and the way we choose to read.
In elementary and middle school we did all of our work on printed articles or books, but now in high school and college everything is online. I feel that I was a stronger reader and had better study habits when I read print and now that we read online it has affected me negatively. Although reading online or finding information online may be easier, I feel as if it has made me lazy and has shortened my attention span.
Carr also called the Internet is a “chronic distraction.” While researching for his book, he noticed changes in his behavior. For example Carr says “I'd sit down with a book, or a long article, and after a couple of pages my brain wanted to do what it does when I'm online: check e-mail, click on links, do some Goggling, hop from page to page." I can relate to this because I have a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and I know how distracting social networking can be. When I am trying to write a paper I have a tendency to check up on what my friends are doing or what is going on around the sports world. Another thing that distracts me while I am writing a paper is that when someone posts something or messages me, it pops up on my screen. In this day and age it seems inevitable to not get distracted because of how we have such easy access to everything online.
Researchers say that the Internet has altered the way our brains take in information. “In other words: the Internet is making us all a little more A.D.D.”(Gaurdian). Think about how society or big companies catch our attention? It’s usually a...

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