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The advent of dynamites was an innovation. The dynamites were regarded as the best means for mining until it turned out to be the best tools for genocides. An emergence of trams was a tragedy. The trams were dismissed as a thing of life-threatening till it turned out to be one of the most convenient transportations. Often times, inventions of the century are evaluated differently as time goes by. The internet is not an exception. Unlike the times when the internet had been upheld as a fruit of the superb creativity, now is different. Some people pinpoint several side effects of the internet, arguing the internet has made the people dumber. However, such negativity must be another tentative assessment toward the internet with time. In my opinion, the internet makes people even smarter on account of three aspects; of human relationships, of education, and of insights.
To begin with, the internet makes people smarter in terms of human relationships. The word ‘smartness’ can be defined as an ability to improve current situation in a preferable way. In this context, meaning of smartness is not confined to an intellectual aspect, but includes that of human relations as well. In other words, capacity to enhance one’s relationships with others can be referred to as being smart. Therefore, the internet which enables people to advance their relations with consistency and through transcending time and space limits does make people smarter. For example, in the society where time equals money, people are engrossed in tasks that are productive physically and financially. As a result, interactions with others have been laid aside. However, the internet allows people to keep in touch with others steadily. Through Facebook or Twitter, communications without face-to-face meetings have become possible. Furthermore, the internet overcomes time and space limits. With the help of e-mails or messengers, people can continue contacting with others in different countries, at different places, and at different times. To sum up, the internet has lessened the burdens of consuming extra time for making appointments and meeting with the people. Furthermore, regarding its feature of enabling multi-tasking, the internet has even raised the time efficiency. To sum up, considering the internet as an effective medium for recovering or solidarizing negligent relationships, leading to a smart human infrastructure, the internet does make people smarter.
In addition, the internet makes people smarter through raising quality of overall education. Education is a field of never-ending interests and cares from students and their parents. Thus, education develops without stopping in any society. However, the speed and the degrees of the development vary from societies to societies. In case of centralized societies, the gap of education quality between the capital city and the rest is large. It is the internet that mediates such difference and raises...

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