The Internet May Be Our Route To Success

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Over the past few months, you have expressed your lack of interest towards using the internet; this includes posting blogs and creating a website for the company. I respect your decision, however I feel that there is room for improvement. To increase marketability for this company there needs to be a website that represents this company; the use of blogging to promote events and promotions through the internet could yield amazing results. Although the blogging and website designing may seem time consuming, it can prove to be very beneficial to the company and end up increasing the company’s overall revenue..

My previous work history contains skills geared towards marketing; this includes promoting a business through posting blogs and occasionally updating the company’s website. The advantages of promoting a company through the creation of a website are endless and seemingly outweigh the main disadvantages, which is the time and minor monetary issue. Even though it may take time for employees to set-up and handle the website, it is way more cost effective than any traditional way of marketing a business. Rather than posting flyers and hiring people to promote our business through the yellow pages or business cards, the online marketing aspect eliminates the man power required and increases the amount of exposure that our business could have. Additionally, the creation of a website allows you to remain competitive with rivaling companies. The majority of companies in the 21st century have already created a professional website to market their product and service being offered. Creating a website will put our company on a level playing field and will expand our business; thus allowing it to appeal to a different customer base, rather than our current local customer base.

In this day and age, many people question the credibility of places of business; this is due to the rising number of scams and lack of customer service offered from businesses. Having a website may end any question or concern that a potential customer may have. If our business decides to create a website, we will be able to add credibility by showing potential customers that we are up to date with technology and we are providing additional customer service, not only physically but virtual as well. This form of customer service may be used to retrieve feedback from satisfied customers or feedback from unsatisfied customers. This form of feedback will help our company grow and become more appealing to the general public.

Additional benefits to creating a website could include the added convenience that customers will have. A website will not only market a business, but it will give customers a sense of direction and allow them to be aware of the details involved with the company. For...

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