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The Internet Today And Tomorrow Essay

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Unit 1: Overview

Over the last decade, we have come out of our caves and headed into the space age with the significant advancements of the internet. Where did it all start and how will we witness and use this technology in the future. Let's explore how the internet was started, where we are today and what are the possibilities in the next 10 years.
I remember thinking I was very computer savvy when I was reading jokes and sending off emails to my family and friends, not realizing just how powerful this online tool was or was becoming. Terry Crowley, one of the forefathers of developing the internet, along his fellow computer associates were writing programs, codes and testing how this tool would speak to the world. It was these few geeks who transformed the language or code that the general population started using the online communication tool. From Terry’s early start with Front Page to working on Microsoft 14. I will hesitate to discuss the languages and Technologies that I can barely comprehend, that it’s early beginnings have changed our world. During an interview conducted by Robert Hess with Terry Crowley he stated;
“ I think what makes the Internet extremely useful and popular, is the fact that it addresses itself more to just the geeks of the world but to the common man “.
In the early days of a few computer professionals were interacting with each other and using their computers to connect to the internet and one person was was handing out IP addresses.
Terry Crowley says in an interview discussing his conversation with John Pazall
“I want to name my machine pearl, and he said you can't because there's a computer at the University of Massachusetts named pearl and you have to pick another name. And so that was it, it was a single person deciding what you could name your computer”.
Today there is a standard protocol in naming addresses in order to avoid duplication of web addresses. To think that not that long ago there were very few people using this technology and today on a daily basis, there a billion users.
It has been the world wide web that has connected the home computer user to the internet. I recall seeing an advertisement on television that said for more information visit our website at, and I thought what is this so with my internet connection, which was a dial up connection, and my big desktop computer I started to understand how this web based communication was changing the way we would interact with each other.
Today, there are nine billion devices connected to the internet. By 2020, this will have increased to 24 billion, although some estimates place the number at 100 billion.
Using the internet isn’t for the elite or the brains of the world, but it has become such common practice used in our everyday lives, on both a personal and professional level, with no signs of it slowing down. Businesses conduct most of their interaction via the internet by advertising their services to...

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