The Interpersonal Relationship Between Sherlock Holmes And Dr. Watson

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This paper will explore the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and his companion and friend Dr. John Watson. What is the relationship between Holmes and Watson? Are they compatible or are their differences to great for them to overcome. Looking at how they work together will also be a key factor in how well the relationship works between the two of them. Do their own interests and abilities get in the way? Does the time period in which they live factor into the environment of their communication styles?
There are several types of relational messages found in the film. For instance if your compare them of who is more empathic of the two them the answer would be Watson he is able to read and respond to peoples nonverbal cues(M. Coulson, 2004). Sherlock is cold and with drawn from people and the world around him. Watson on the other hand is engaged in the world around him and open to understanding others feelings and experiencing a persons situation. This also shows that between the two of them that John is the stronger of the two at communication Watson also shows a great deal of commitment towards keeping and improving his interpersonal relationships(Adler, Proctor, 2012). While Sherlock is the complete opposite he doesn't care whether or not he works on his commitment and is more concerned with his own personal agenda.
Furthermore several of the communication problems that Holmes and Watson are faced with can be explained using the Transactional Communication Model (TCM). This model explains that people send and receive messages simultaneously and not in a back-and-forth manner( Adler, Proctor, 2012). The same model also explains that people occupy different environments which is the case with Sherlock and Watson. Nonverbal cues also play a key role in using the (TCM) since we receive most of our information in a conversation though non verbal cues (M. Coulson, 2004). Sherlock is a part of the upper class while Watson is seen as a middle class citizen while he is respected but he isn't on the same level as Holmes. He is also respected for his work as a doctor and is known for being hard working. Sherlock is portrayed as a troubled but brilliant detective who is often troubled and socially awkward with people. He also deals with psychological noise with the fact that he sees everything he call it both a gift and a curse at the same time. Holmes and Watson both have different degrees of perceived self and presenting self. In Watson case his is more concerned with his presenting self than Sherlock is (C. M. Shaw& R. Edwards, 1997).
This can be seen in several cases in the movie when Watson is going to meet his Fiancee's parents for teat he is both concerned and worried with how they will perceive him. He is also concerned with how Mary , who is Watson Fiancee, will perceive Sherlock and his relationship with him. While Sherlock isn't concerned with how the world around him perceives him nor does he try to change or alter his appearance...

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