The Intervention Of The Judicial System In Violence Against Women

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The Intervention of the Judicial System in Violence Against Women

Women in this country have been a part of violence for an enormous amount of time. This violence includes pornography, rape, and even domestic violence. The United States judicial system has intervened into the so-called private sphere and eradicated women in society, providing precedent and even updating statutes as well as other types of legislation. Without intervention women may still have no rights as human beings and the victims of much worse violence. Not to say that the violence that comes about is not extremely painful and an obscene amount of torture for women, but without our judicial system to minimize some of these violent acts would be in total chausses. Throughout these acts of violence women are treated as animals, beaten, slaughtered, and killed eventually. For some, this may seem unthinkable and unrealistic but pornography, rape, and domestic violence does just this. These women who sell their bodies through porn usually-not all- have unusual childhood backgrounds. These backgrounds include, molestation, rape, incest, are penetrated with objects as children, sold for child porn by their parent or parents, being tortured through every moment of their lives. When these women grow up into adults what kind of life are they expected to have? A loving family, a college education, and a respectable profession? Or no education, broken family, and for them to fall into the same profession their parents taught them? These women don?t understand that parents are supposed to love their children unconditionally. What else should we expect from women who all of their lives they have been treated as inhumane. Rape, also a sexually violent act that women encounter. This type of violence is non-consenual. Not one rape is alike. Rape consists of the domination over women so men can feel as if they are masculine and predominantly better than females who are actually physically weaker. The last act of violence discussed will be domestic violence. Why women stay in relationships where they are being battered and abused? All of these acts of violence are dangerous and put lives in danger. The judicial systems intervention may not stop all of these horrible incidents but may protect the lives of those who wish to be protected.

Although there are exceptions to every rule, depending on the type of porn and in what manner it is presented or acted out determines how violent it is perceived. According to Andrea Dworkin, ?Words alone, words and pictures, moving or still, creates systematic harm to women in the form of discrimination and physical hurt.? Although this may be true there are some women who have actually chosen this profession for pleasure and enjoy this type of industry. As we know pornography is legal and is considered freedom of speech, written in the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. There are two levels of speech, speech and non-speech. The courts recognize ?speech?...

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