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Ginger Dunbar's article is an overview about how the city of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, is considering purchasing iPads for its school's sixth graders. This article has a fairly neutral tone and is not overly complex. It simply gives details behind the process of giving iPads to students but doesn't state an obvious opinion. If there is an opinion at all, it may be that Dunbar is vaguely hinting that this practice could be more widely accepted further down the road. Dunbar is a writer for the Daily Local News, so she is credible.
Dunbar begins with a brief statement about how school officials are thinking of “providing iPads for the incoming sixth grade students at the Marsh Creek Sixth ...view middle of the document...

The school's ultimate goal is that by the start of the 2016 school year, “students in sixth, seven, and eighth grades will have iPads for academic uses” (1).
On the down side, there are some financial concerns about the iPads. One school board member is concerned about where the funds for the iPads will come from. In fact, she's afraid that if the school buys new iPads every year for the new sixth graders, “it may become a yearly cost to the district” (1). Thus, any educational benefit the iPads could provide may be overshadowed by the money they will cost. However, district officials are looking into ways to prevent this. One way is to apply for a technology fee to reduce costs. Another, possibly more efficient, way is for the students themselves to purchase the iPads. In fact, another school board member gave the suggestion that parents help pay for the iPads, because it could “serve to encourage students to keep their devices safe from breaking” (1).
From here, Dunbar gives a few comments and suggestions that are given by both school board and staff members. It shows both sides of the argument. For instance, one school board member “suggested lowering the amount of iPads that the district will purchase” (1). This correlates with the concerns about the high financial commitment required for this project. However, the president of the school board responds with, “I think our [enrollment] numbers are going to go up because people are excited about what is going on,” thus hinting...

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