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The Introduction Of Tasty Treats Into The Restaurant Industry

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Tasty Treats

The Introduction of Tasty Treats into the Restaurant Industry

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The following document is a proposal of why we believe our company, Tasty Treats would be a thriving and profiting business in the restaurant industry.

Table of Contents3Tasty Treats Overview: 4Analyze the External Environment: 6Analyze the Internal Environment: 7Business Objectives and Action Plans: 9Company Organizational Structure: 10Job Descriptions: 12Leading and Directing: 14Financial Analysis 16Social Responsibilities and Code of Ethics: 17References: Tasty Treats Overview:Mission Statement:"Tasty Treats is the ice-cream specialist who consistently delights the customer with great taste and choices in ice-cream, and with a friendly, courteous staff providing prompt delivery service. From our high quality service, to our deliciously distincitive desserts, we are always sweet to you."From serving up delicious treats, to pleasant customer service, our goal at Tasty Treats is to provide a sweet experience in our store, for our customers, and for our employees.Tasty Treats is a one-hundred seat ice cream restaurant that includes premium ice cream treats as well as treats for the health conscious individual. We will offer prompt counter service, as well as a sit down restaurant. Our proposed location is in the midst of Miami's South Beach, where we will benefit from the local clientle as well as frequent traffic from the tourists. As a company that will launch its first store in the South Beach area, we will not only strive to provide tasty treats to customers, but to also satisfy the desires of the health conscious beach goer who can eat a yummy treat that will not weigh down their waste lines or conscience. We will have a limited food menu consisting of burgers, fries, sandwiches, wraps, and salads, that are available for sit down as well as take out. We will be open Sunday-Thursday from 11am-11pm, and Friday-Saturday from 11am-2am, where we will also be able to attract the late night crowd.In the next few pages, you will see why we believe we will have a profitable company and will be able to exceed the competition in the market.Analyze the External Environment:The first step in developing our business was to analyze the external environment.There are a couple of ice cream shops currently in the South Beach. We believe our unique style of ice cream and the atmosphere will differentiate us from our competitors. Dolcevita will be one of the toughest competitors because they also sell food in their shops. Their shops are more formal than ours which helps us differentiate our business and appeal to a different customer base. Our competitors do not offer the casual and family oriented restaurant atmosphere that we will be providing. We are confident that with the slowly recovering economy, the high traffic area we will be in, and high quality and variety of our ice creams, our business will get the necessary attention it will need to succeed....

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