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I had been mowing the lawn and finishing up the rest of my Saturday chores. I remember being deep in thought about the whole thing as the mower spat out the unwanted mush of grass. For months now we’ve been hearing about it on the news. They were telling us not to panic, and that they had everything under control. They had a plan. I had been told about what was going to happen, and how my family could prepare for it, but I felt like something was missing. I felt like they were only telling us what they thought we should know, like they were hiding things. I don’t like it when people hide things from me, even if it is for my own good. I tried asking my parents about it, but they just told me ...view middle of the document...

I remember seeing a tank or two off in the distance as well. The people were hurrying and gathering loved ones, bringing them into the underground shelters that have been constructed for this event. Some were crying and some were yelling. There were a few that I saw that were looking up at the ships in awe, just as I was moments ago.
I remember seeing Mr. Oberth standing in the middle of the street, arms raised and laughing gleefully at the vessels in the sky. The uniforms were trying to drag him away, but the old man fought them, screaming things that I couldn’t make out. I watched him kick at the uniforms as I felt a hand grasp my elbow, and pull me. My mother yanked my arm, and began to run. She was saying something to me, but I couldn’t hear her. My mind and eyes were still focused on Mr. Oberth as the uniforms gave up on him, and he fell to his knees. I think he was crying.
Mom didn’t let me go until we were in the shelter. The shelters were huge, and could hold around five-hundred people, or so they told us. There were other families down in the shelter. They all looked terrified, and were whispering words of fear, anger, and shock. I felt overwhelmed. Everything was happening too quickly for my mind to comprehend. As I was trying to figure things out, Mom knelt down in front of me, cupped my face in the palms of her hands, and told me that she was going out to look for Dad, and to stay right where I was until she got back. I could see the horror in her eyes, and how hard she shook. I nodded, the words not really registering. She kissed my forehead, and left.
I don’t know how long I stood there, watching the other people. The shelter was filling up more and more with every passing minute, and I was beginning to feel claustrophobic. Mom wasn’t back yet, and it felt like there was a lack of air supply to go around. I wasn’t really thinking, but I knew that I couldn’t stand the looks of grief and tears much longer. I managed to squirm past the sea of people, and snuck out. The air hit my face hard and I inhaled it deeply, the smell of metal and dirt overwhelming. Something wasn’t right. It was silent.
The ships were close now. I could make out the details on them, and the different colors of the lights. I looked around, and there was uniforms sprawled all over the streets. Guns lay everywhere, smoke still steaming off the ends. Panic rose in my chest and I stared at my surroundings. Mom and Dad were no where to be seen. I stood, and walked away from the hatch of the shelter, my rapid heartbeat being the only sound. I walked to the street, and saw Mr. Oberth laying on his back, a bullet hole through his throat. The sight of the old man terrified me, and I ran. I ran past the bodies of uniforms, and the bodies of the people.
I don’t know for how I ran, but I ended up in Tinley park. My chest burned and my lungs where begging for oxygen. My mouth was dry and my eyes burned. I reach up to rub them and realized that I can been crying,...

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