The Invasion Of Algeria By France

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France invaded Algeria to bring the “blessings of colonization. The main objective for the French invading Algeria was for economic gain and become known as one the most superior and dominant nations of Europe. France changed the lives of many Africans which led to Algerians applying for citizenship in their own country. The Algerians endured many hardships after the French came into the picture. Things did not change for the better, but for the worst. The French “imposed more and higher taxes on Muslims than Europeans” (library of congress). In their country Muslims had to pay more taxes, and even new taxes than they had before the French invaded their country. The Algerians then had to apply for citizenship into their own country. The application was so difficult that many applicants were unable to complete it, and were denied citizenship. The lifestyles of Algerians was changed so much that French tried to make the Muslims forget who they were. Women wore a veil to symbolize their religious practices. The French wanted the women to remove their veil as a way to modernize them when it was only a way for France to do what they wanted. Algerians soon became tired of the mistreatment and ways of the French so they started a revolt for independence.
France was not the only European nations that had the idea to expand and gain wealth. Many European nations had the objective to be the most superior, dominant and powerful country of all. They were going to master the objective through a process known as colonization. The idea of Colonization became the key to open the lock to become a powerful nation. As stated in Colonialism: a Primary Source Analysis, “colonialism comes from the word colony. A colony is usually a group of people living in territory under the rule of the parent state” (Wolny6). Nations such as France would inhabit a country such as the Americas or Algeria and develop either a symbiotic relationship with one another such as the French and the Native Americans or develop a bitter relationship as with the French and Algeria. The parent country would colonize the country for its land, practice exploitation by establishing trading post or plantations, or use the country for its natural resources. On the positive side colonization gave way to new cultures, beliefs, and ethnic diversity. In many instances it was an opportunity for the parent company to expand it powers. Colonization was the technique for European countries to gain supremacy, power, and wealth.
France began its journey to colonization when they were on a mission to discover the Northwest Passage. This was a route connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. In the midst of their quest, the French had begun to pursue the idea to colonize the Americas. France colonized the Americas as a way to become part of the trading industry. In exchange for fur the French would give the Native tools and weapons that were French manufactured. The natives and the French developed...

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