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June 6th, 1944 is arguably one of the most important dates in the world. Without the event that took place on this date, the world that we know today could be totally different. We might be under control of Germany and living in a much worse world than anyone is living today. But thanks to the Invasion of Normandy otherwise commonly known as D-Day is what saved our country and many others.
Americans and the allied forces had been fighting in mainland Italy for around nine months, and nothing terribly significant had happened. The allied forces needed something big to happen for them. The United States came up with what was going to be the largest amphibious invasion to date.
D-Day was rehearsed about three years ahead of time, and it had to happen on the night of a full moon. During a practice run in South Deven on the English coast 638 U.S soldiers and sailers were all killed horrifically. German torpedo boats had surprised them during one of their practice runs. They also ran a whole other operation in trying to mislead the germans of as to when and where the attack would happen. This was named operation fortitude. The operation involved creating fake field amines which threatened Norway, the operations whole idea was to divert Axis attention away from normandy and once the invasion had happened they would try to delay reinforcement by making them believe the landings were just a way of distracting them and pulling their attention away from the midland.
Several leaks of D-Day had been happening around the world and nation. One of the more major leaks of D-Day happened publicly in “The Herald and Review” paper which was published six days before the invasion happened. They had words in their crossword such as Overlord, Neptune and Gold which are key terms in the invasion. The word Overlord was the key name to the whole invasion. Henry Miller as U.S Major General at a party in London was complaining to multiple different people about the supply problems he was running up against and how was the invasion was over things would be much easer. Eisenhower was informed of this and reduced him down to a lieutenant colonel and sent him immediately back to the United States.
Double agents played another important role in the invasion. Many of they were used throughout most of the entire war actually but they were to give misleading information to the Germans to make them think that invasions and attacks would happen somewhere else and they were to support the view of forces in the UK. One of the biggest known double agents in the war was Juan Pujal Garcia who somehow was able to get the germans to recruit him for their intelligence system. He sent them an large amount of very leading and convincing information but it was very misinforming. By the time D-Day came around he had created 27 imaginary sub-agents.
After three years of planning and preparation, the Allied forces were determined they were ready to go. The normandy assault face was...

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