The Invasion Of The Plastic Bottle

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In 1947, plastic containers were first commercially used to hold liquids, but not until the 60’s were they consumed by the general public. At first, plastic was extremely cheap to make; however, in recent years the price to manufacture plastic has skyrocketed. In 2011 alone, over eleven billion dollars were exhausted in the fabrication of plastic water bottles. All this money fuels the creation of about fifty billion bottles worldwide. Sadly, Americans have become reliant on disposable plastic containers; consuming around thirty billion of the fifty billion water bottles produced each year. Many of the bottles end up being toss upon the earth instead of being recycled, which has been ...view middle of the document...

That is equivalent to about ten percent of the world plastic ending up in the sea. In water, plastic can breakdown in about a year, but in doing so the plastic releases harmful chemicals into the surrounding area. The fish that are filled with ingested plastic, chemical, toxic water are then consumed by humans, which in turn harm people’s bodies. Bearing in mind that humans continue to use disposables plastic bottles, the earth’s oceans are becoming more polluted with toxic, plastic waste.
Because the production of water bottles requires a great deal of gas for the manufacturing, transportation, and distribution, the planet’s air is becoming more polluted. In one year, seventeen million barrels of gas are consumed in the production of plastic bottles. That is equivalent to fueling one million cars for an entire year. All of this fuel is just for the production of plastic! Including transportation and refrigeration of the water, fifty million barrels of gas are utilized. If you filled your water bottle one fourth of the way with gas, that would equal to the amount used in its creation. With all this gas being consumed, the earth’s air is becoming increasingly polluted. Smog is building up. Over two million people a year die from poor air quality. Especially in concentrated areas of people, the filthy air is...

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