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The Invention Of Electricity: Benjamin Franklin

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You walk into a dark room and flip a switch; suddenly, the room is no longer dark. Have you ever wondered how the electricity in your business or house works? Electricians study the ways to install the wiring and electrify indoor and outdoor spaces for comfort and safety. While most people take, the electricity we use for granted, electricians must know and ensure every detail is perfect. Careers in electricity require dedicated professionals who spend many hours of schooling learning about how to safely create lighted spaces and outlets for electrical components and usage. Electricians must be certified and educated in the safety and techniques of electricity.
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Scientist Georg Richmann at St. Petersburg, Russia, was unfortunately killed while copying Benjamin Franklin’s lighting experiments (Par 537). As electricity was discovered, the necessity of electrical instruments became larger. Consequently, in 1746, University of Leyden, Netherlands, developed the Leyden jar (par 537). The Leyden jar was a type of capacitor or condenser that stored electrical charge, now electrostatic generators are big machines that produce large amount of electrical charges and high voltages (par 537).
The Van De Graaff generator was developed in the early 1930s by an American scientist named Robert Van de Graaff, and this type of electrostatic generator reached unbelievably 10 million volts (par 537). Power stations are set in big cities to distribute electricity into businesses and homes. The power station uses turbines to turn on the generators, likewise the turbines are turned on by water or steam heated from burning coal, oil, nuclear fuel, and other types of sources (537). Thomas Edison created the light bulb in 1880, but electrical light was not available until the 1930s.
Electricians must go to college to get their associates degree or obtain certification through testing. They are well educated and their training is hands on, which they get a lot of experience during the apprenticeship program. An electrician spends about four to five years in the apprenticeship program before he/she can become licensed. Additionally, they have to complete at least 144 hours of technical training and 2,000 hours of paid on-the- job training. Electricians work in a dangers environment where they could get shocked, minor burns, and even cuts (f). Jim Wiblin said, “Most training is free, and with so much work available, the future is very positive for anyone interested in becoming an electrician” (D). Electrician students work during the day, and at night, they are taught how to read blueprints and learn about the National Electrical Code (electrician). Apprentices are tested in math, reading, motor skills, ability to learn, and making sense of details (electricians). Once the test is completed, they are rated and have to wait months or years for an apprenticeship opening; programs such as the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), and Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) offer early training (electrician).
The next level is being a licensed journeyman, which exemplifies that he/she knows how to solve an electrical problem by using their learned skills, however, they continue learning and training (electrician). A journeyman later becomes a master electrician, which means they are self-employed and own their own business. (electrician).
The job outlook for electricians is excellent, expecting to grow 20% in 2022 (b). Electricians could be working in construction sites, manufacturing, gas, water, and waste services (f). Not only do businesses and...

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