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There are many inventions of the future that people either know or hope will happen and some inventions that people have never thought that would happen in this or the next lifetime. For instance, one piece of future technology that I believe may come to pass is the invention of flying cars. Since the time of being young and watching the Jetsons, many people have been waiting to see the first flying car. While bringing up the idea of a flying car to a lot of people would seem absurd or downright impossible to some, I actually believe that it is very much so possible to create given how far technology has come in the past few decades. I think that it is a very logical conclusion to assume that at some point in the future engineers, car makers, and others will start to pursue other alternatives to avoiding traffic jams and other problems on the road, and instead begin to examine the possibilities of taking to the air as an alternative solution. There is much talk about it over the internet and many people would like to try flying cars. While it would greatly improve traffic for those that prefer staying on the ground, it may prove dangerous in the beginning because of accidents in the air with other cars, planes, trees, and buildings. Some would say though, that the convenience would outweigh the risks because there would not be traffic jams, or detours because of road work. These cars would need something like a GPS system and an anti-wrecking system so people would not run into each other or other objects (How Flying Cars Will Work).

A second invention I believe may come to pass in the future whether near or far is a transportation system something similar to the one used in the old show Star Trek. It is a proven fact that people today are much busier than they were in the past, and simply believe they don’t have enough time to get everywhere they need to get, or do everything they need to do in the little time they have provided to them. I believe this technology could come to pass simply because people would love the convenience of getting where they need to be in a snap, and better yet, get materials and packages delivered in a blink of an eye so to speak. The theory of transportation is being tested using atoms, ions, and photons. There is much scientific jargon that is included and so far only materials have been used since it is nowhere near ready for mankind to use yet. Researchers are using what is called Quantum teleportation which relies on something called an entangled state. An entangled state is a state that can't be separated. There is so much into making this a reality but scientists are diligent into making this happen (Teleportation).
A third invention which I think we may end up seeing in the near future the self-driving car. While this idea is being tested already, it has not been put on the market as of yet but you can still purchase one if you are very rich because it is more expensive than a Ferrari. Stanford University,...

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