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The Investment Essay

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Hundreds of men in black suits scurry across the floor, with ties strapped tight against their necks. The sound of a bell begins to echo, bouncing off of every panel in the vicinity. It seems as though the men hastened their strides in response. Wall Street is always booming with activity and enticing anticipation. Although I have never gotten the chance to take part in the action, I have been doing some of my own investing over the years: the investment in my future. Much like the commotion of investments happening on Wall Street, I invest the factors of time, money and effort towards my future. To effectively invest in my future, I have to start at the root of it all, and invest in myself. ...view middle of the document...

“Show me the money!” The dollar has become a significant investment in my future. I feel as though going to college serves as the sole action I am taking today to feel reassurance that great opportunities will surface for the years to come. I have refused to allow financial struggles hold back my education. Why let monetary adversities stand in the way of my educational advancement? My intent to become a prosperous dentist will not be bound by a dollar sign, therefore I am doing everything in my power to earn enough money to finance my schooling. Although I have invested thousands of dollars towards my education, my overall goal is make this investment factor miniscule. To do so, there is a segway that utilizes the factor of effort in order to harness the money required to pay for higher education.

The most important factor of my future investment is the effort that I am willing to put in every waking moment. The magnitude of effort I implement in my life has the power to shape my future tremendously. I believe that I will...

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