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Long ago the God Perpiplaneta lived high upon mount Olympia. As the fates spun their threads over countless ages, Perpiplaneta began to feel an urge to cast aside mortal men and populate the lands with beings of his own creation. And so he came down from the mountain of the gods, and made himself lord of many cities on earth by invading them and killing every man woman and child he laid eyes upon. He was without mercy for anyone or anything; all men and even their herds were slain. Hearing this, the Gods were not pleased with the acts of Perpiplaneta, for though they delighted in making games with the children of the earth, they would not destroy them all.The other Olympian Gods were enraged by the acts of Perpiplaneta. They demanded that Zeus, the greatest of their number, take action. And so Zeus did give warning to Perpiplaneta: repeat not the actions among another city lest he face tremendous consequences. Alas, Perpiplaneta's thirst for blood could not be quenched, and destroyed four more cities of men, six in all. When Zeus saw Perpiplaneta continue his path of war, his anger was like a thunderstorm in midsummer, and his retribution was swift as lightning. He struck Perpiplaneta down, but did not kill, lest the law of the Titans be broken. The God of Storms and his wife, fair Hera devised a punishment of unending cruelty. They made Perpiplaneta into a creature most foul, with a body like a pressed olive, but shiny as polished glass. He was made into a reddish-brown, like dried blood and they gave to him a yellow band round his neck: a collar to mark his cowardice. No arms, but instead six spiny legs,...

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If I Was Invisible For a Day

771 words - 3 pages If I could be invincible for one day I would make the best out of it. twenty-four hours would not be enough for the thingsI would like to do. There is just so much you can do included in that are things perhaps you shouldn't do, but being invincible who would know besides yourself right? Being able to do the unthinkable just might be satisfying. Free air plane rides to where ever your heart desires. I've always wondered what my husband really

The Deterioration Of Macbeths Mental State

401 words - 2 pages Once the honorable fighting Macbeth known by all, "What he hath lost honorable Macbeth hath won." Act 1 Scene 2, Line 69, through different mental states chooses not to wear his armor because he is delusional by the witches prophecy that he is invincible, "none of woman born" can harm him Act 4, Scene 1, Line 96.As soon as Macbeth turns away the armor, the reader feels the sense that Macbeth is invincible, cannot be beaten in any length. But

Ambition in Macbeth

823 words - 3 pages big role is that it contributes to MacBeth's ego and his feeling that he is invincible. The second apparition told him "Be bloody, bold and resolute; laugh to scorn the pow'r of man, for none of woman born shall harm MacBeth" (IV.i.79-81). This contributes to this feeling that he is invincible because he thinks that no one can not be born of a woman. This will later lead to MacBeth's demise and death, as he is not ready to face MacDuff, who was


301 words - 2 pages Kira ThompsonNov 4 2014Robert KirkmanRobert Kirkman is the writer and creator of The Walking Dead. The series The Walking was created in 2003; this is the book that made Kirkman famous. In the 7th grade he met his best friend Tony Moore. After they graduated Kirkman had an idea for a comic book. They wrote and published the book under their own company Funk-O-Tron. After he created "Invincible" for Image Comics in 2003. During 2003 he also

Sept 11 Term Paper

323 words - 2 pages are not invincible. Some foreign Affairs have been if a small terrorist group can coordinate such a massive attack on the most powerful country in the world it could happen to them. It has shown how much everyone cares there were a lot of countries willing and able to help the U.S. any way they could when it happened.People will still really remember and remorse and be thankful nothing else has happened and to be grateful for what they have. The

Nature Vs Humanity In Sir Gawain

582 words - 2 pages . Gawain's actions depict the ability of natural instincts to engulf the learned values of a knight.         While weak morality plagues the mankind represented by Sir Gawain, Nature is able to constantly regenerate and rejuvenate itself, allowing it to come out as the superior force. Through the use of the color green, nature manifests itself as the Green Knight, who like nature, is invincible. The Knight, giant in stature and engulfed in green

Significance of The Battle of Taurs

507 words - 2 pages Austrasians carried all before them. Their tireless hands drove their swords down to the breasts of the foe." The Battle of Tours was indeed significant. Most historians agree that if this battle was won by the "invincible" Arabs, that a more dominant population of people in the U.S. and in the world would be Muslim. This battle was so significant to us today because had the Muslims not been stopped at Tours, then their religion would have greatly

Achieving gender equality is not that simple

576 words - 2 pages "I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman."These were the words uttered by the influential Australian singer/ songwriter Helen Reddy in 1972. Although over 30 years old, this songs lyrics raise imperative issues about women's right and about the capacity and ability of women to excel. Helen Reddy, I am sorry to break this to you, but achieving gender equality is not as simple as women all over knowing that they are 'strong", that they are

Security In "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare: The downfalls of Duncan, Banquo and Macbeth

569 words - 2 pages Security in Macbeth.William Shakespeare's Macbeth revolves around the downfall of several key characters during the course of this tragic play. Security or overconfidence is a feeling of freedom from danger, care, or fear. When one feels invincible, they may lose all rational thought in their heads as well as in their hearts. By the end of the play, overconfidence can be linked to the downfall of three important characters in the play: Duncan

benefits of photography

673 words - 3 pages about the company or announce their cut in rates. Because of that they use photos which are invincible. Finally, photography makes a great effect to social life. Their biggest effects are recalling personal memories, using in community events, and using as a hobby. With photography, people can recall our personal memories. People can look our or other people’s photos and remember them and remember that moment. Just a single photo can bring us back


490 words - 2 pages against him" were two of the prophesies that Macbeth obtained from the witches. Macbeth took these prophesies for truth and assumed that he could now not be harmed. Macbeth was later killed By Macduff who had been "from his mother's womb untimely ripped," meaning that he had not been literally born from a woman.Macbeth also thought himself to be invincible because he believed that the wood could never move. This was not what the

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1053 words - 4 pages The essay focuses on the role the countries around Rome played in the destruction of the Roman Empire, the majority being the ancient German Tribes.Perhaps one of the greatest moments in the history of all ancient civilizations is the fall of Rome. Still one of the most interesting topics, in my opinion, is how this superpower was outlasted and beaten by the very caveman-like civilization of ancient Germania. In this paper, I will be discussing

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