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The Invisible Cage Essay

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In her article “From America’s New Working Class”, Kathleen R. Arnold makes clear that welfare/workfare recipients are treated like prisoners or second class citizens. Likewise, In Michelle Alexander’s article “The New Jim Crow” she describes how blacks is made criminals by a corrupt criminal justice system. Alexander also points out in her article “The New Jim Crow” that shackles and chains are not the only form of slavery. Furthermore, Alexander states that although America is thought of as the home of the free, blacks are more likely than any other race to be arrested, unemployed, or denied housing. Freedom is not an absolute value in America, as slavery is more ubiquitous than ever.
To begin, Alexander points out how felons are depicted as life-long prisoners in her article ”The New Jim Crow”. However, Alexander states that The War on Drugs caused many blacks to be put in prison and scrutinized by the government thereafter. Similarly, according to Arnold, welfare/workfare recipients are under constant supervision and are required to work menial jobs. In addition, Arnold mentions how welfare/workfare programs are meant to keep them at the poverty level. Hence, government programs are indicated to have nefarious intentions towards Americans. Moreover, by making welfare/workfare recipients dependent on them, the government is able give their participants an ultimatum. Similarly, recipients of government assistant programs are under the same guidelines and scrutiny of those who are on parole or probation.
Many Americans shun the fact that freedom is not free, as they believe that slavery is over. For this reason, Alexander and Arnold aim to inform their audience on modern slavery and the secrets behind government programs. In the article “The New Jim Crow”, Alexander reveals that slavery can be enforced through mass incarceration and The War on Drugs, operations which turns blacks into criminals so they can be legally enslaved in prison. In addition, Alexander states that even when released from prison, convicts are sometimes placed under government supervision for the rest of their lives. Moreover, Alexander notes in “The...

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