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The Invisible Government Via The Federal Reserve System

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The purpose of this is to draw attention to the invisible government which controls the United States. One of the means of control is the Federal Reserve System. Many of us have seen the recent decline of the dollar in the news. We will address this in terms of the Federal Reserve System’s control over the value of the dollar. Much of this is a concentration of quotes by noteworthy individuals such as Economists, Presidents, and Congressmen.
The dollar index, which gauges the dollar against other major currencies, has attracted much attention recently due to its fifteen year low. A low that reflects the dollars 60% fall since 2001 (Paul, What the Price of Gold is Telling Us). The low dollar is of interest to citizens, i.e. consumers, because it means that your goods are going to cost more while your paycheck remains the same and foreign firms are buying U.S. goods and resources at a deep discount. Father of Reaganomics, Economist Jerome Corsi stated:
“The currency is gone; it is being sold off very quietly, worldwide, by the oil producing states, by China …” (Watson)
Ben Bernanke Chairman or the Federal Reserve System had this to say in a recent letter to Rep Dem. Brad Sherman, California, "…the possibility of a future disruptive correction of the U.S. trade deficit cannot be ruled out" (Bernanke). This disruptive correction would be akin to the Bank of England’s rush on U.S. Gold after the great depression (The Privateer). In 1939 the U.S. Gold Reserve Act was passed and all title to any gold within the U.S. had to be handed over to the U.S. Treasury.
According to the Privateer Market Letter, a newsletter:
“… banks were to be provided with "Gold Certificates" in return for their Gold, but these certificates had no specific value in Gold assigned to them. When one witness testifying before the Senate Committee protested, he was taken aside by an Administration Senator and the situation explained to him:"Doctor, you don't understand about these gold certificates. These are not certificates that you can get gold. These are certificates that gold has been taken away from you." (The Privateer)
Between 1913 and 1971, the Federal Reserve expanded the money supply, financing war and manipulating the economy with little resistance from Congress (Paul, The End of Dollar Hegemony). This brings to mind situations like the no bid contracts that had been given to Halliburton, a company which Vice President Cheney had been CEO.
Mayer Anselm Rothschild, the great European Banker, once said, "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws..." This makes sense once you understand the way the United States gets its money. The Federal Reserve issues money on behalf of the government, with interest.
The United States is indebted to the Federal Reserve for over one trillion dollars about ten percent of the total debt. US taxpayers pay over four hundred billion dollars in interest on this debt. Because...

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