The I Pad: A Poor Business Decision

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There has been significant anticipation in the last couple of years for Apple Inc. to release a tablet style computer. A tablet computer consists of only a screen that recognizes an input from an external device or through a touch screen. This past January Apple Inc. finally announced they were releasing a device named the iPad which has many similar qualities to a tablet computer (Apple). However, on the whole this device falls short of what people where hoping for and indeed it would be difficult to meet expectations after several years of increasing anticipation. This device is not what the public expected, and I would go so far as to say that the will fail within a year of launch.
The first and most talked about issue with the iPad is the hardware limitations. Most devices that are considered to be “mobile” have key features that have been left out of the iPad, the first and foremost being a camera (Sorrel). The lack of a camera means that the iPad is less likely to become a default device for those who would like to create content. There are many bloggers who would like to have a larger surface, like the iPad, to write reviews of things for their web page. Most posts on the internet now-a-days include a photo, something the iPad cannot accomplish on its own. The iPad also lacks telephonic capabilities. While some people say that the iPad is too large to be used as a phone I would disagree. The creation of blue tooth headsets have freed people from having to use a phone in a traditional way, especially if it happens to be a device that you would always have with you. In the end, Apple Inc. more than likely left out these things out with the thought to add them into later models of the device. What they didn’t consider is the fact that people no longer want to spend money on a series of devices over a number of years. Particularly when they know that further down the line they can get the device that they want by waiting. Normally this would still work in most business models, however the time that these future customers spend without the device is time and potential money spent on apps that Apple Inc. is loosing out on. If Apple Inc. had launched the device with at least the option of all the features that the iPhone currently ships with they would have a much larger customer adoption rate. They may have lost customers from the iPhone, but Apple Inc. has already made as much revenue from that market as they are likely to make.
Hardware for computers and technology has drifted more and more to form over function in the last couple of years. So the approachability of computing is now largely dependent upon programs. In July of 2008 Apple Inc. launched the App Store. App is short for application, which is a program that is easily installed or uninstalled, and operates on the iPhone O/S. Most apps range form no cost to five dollars for a download. Apps are computer extremely simple programs and are rarely capable of complex. This format was...

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